The kitchen remodel---past look and beginning part 1

 So beginning mid-March, we started remodeling our kitchen with lots of help and money from my dad as a Christmas present. I took some "before" pictures in case we forget what it looked like....
 Keep these pics in mind because (now it's been 7 weeks as I'm writing this in past tense) it looks COMPLETELY different.
 Everything, including appliances, moved to a different spot in our kitchen.

 The last of the tile picture. We have always had crappy tile in our kitchen, white, yucky grout, and many tiles broken, which is what started the whole remodel thing....
 My dad showing us how to lift up the old tile. This was Ryan's baby. We found linoleum, another linoleum and something unidentified before we found the original wood floor. It was crazy.
 One thing I was super excited about was having a "brighter" kitchen. We only had 3 lights in our past kitchen and so now we did tons more electrical work (well, Drew the guy in the pictures) did it all.

 In the garage, Ryan broke out these two windows and found a dead bird in one of them. Gross. That's all I have to say.

 More electrical work.

 Ahh....some of the floor is done. But, we ended up taking out all this old linoleum as well.

Stay tuned for more pictures from the past.

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