Mailman Collin

Collin's new favorite game is to play "mailman". He loves to deliver packages.
Usually, his "choice" for packages is these little brainy baby matching cards we have. Most days, I only get one package at a time.
This night, he was being so fun and silly, and I got the entire BOX of packages. Score from Mailman Collin!

Collin's first day of preschool

Collin had his first day of preschool this week. For me, I honestly don't care if Collin "learns" one thing, other than just has somewhere to play and interact with other kiddos.
Having the "perfect" first day picture was too hard....so here is Collin in all his glory. The little train backpack/suitcase I found at a yard sale. Collin was SO excited all morning long to go.
All the drive over to Miss Emily's house, I heard "I'm going to preschool Liam....I'm going to preschool." We were both so excited, we got there early. Oops :)
The best part of preschool? It is at the home of my dear friend, "Miss" Emily....she and I have been friends since we were two years old, and WE went to preschool together. I know it will be WONDERFUL for Collin.... and he kept his frog on the log the first day, so, so far so good! Yeah for school!


Collin's "real" big bed

Yesterday one of our projects was to get Collin in his real big bed. Granted, we were all sad to see the car toddler bed go, we have all been excited to get the new bed up.
Collin looks so small in it still. But, we got some Lightning McQueen sheets....they were a hit.
Thus, we had to do some rearranging of furniture....
Here's to hoping it helps Collin sleep better at night.... so far, not so, but I am still very hopeful.

First Cougar Saturday 2011

Yesterday, we all wore our new BYU gear for the first game of the 2011 seasom.... Collin of course wouldn't sit still.
Liam has looked like a linebacker for several weeks now...
The boys together

Go Cougars!

Random Sunday pictures

Okay, I have again vowed to be better at this blog journal thing. I love the picture above of Collin...since it captures a true smile with eyes open.
Here is one of our linebacker Liam...he LOVES to be outside just like his brother. Happy Sunday!


Our Cougar linebacker

So, yes, finally another post. Here is a recent pic of Liam all ready to be the next Cougar linebacker :) GO COUGARS!