Good deals and Colln's corn picture

Over the last week, here are the good deals I have gotten. Rite Aid last week, I got all of this for 3.69, but only paid 2.69 since I had a 1.00 rebate check!
Collin POUNDING the corn on the cob from the co-op. Seriously, I ended up giving him my piece. Now I'm REALLY hoping our garden corn on the cob works out.
Food from the co-op for May 15
Okay, so I lost my sheet of paper where I wrote everything down, but let's just say the highlight was corn on the cob and peaches. WAHOO!
Walgreens this morning, I basically made 6.10 to get all of this. I paid OOP 2.49 but also rolled 9 dollars in rewards, and now have 9 more dollars to spend. And my husband will smell "manly" with his jello.
Smiths coupon event. I paid 37.00 for all of this, but realized after I got home the Dawn rang up at 2.99 not 1.49, so I'm going to take those back and get my 10.00 back, so really only 27.00.... WAHOO! I was able to stock up on some pantry items and I also got some 99 cent ice cream. Gotta love ice cream!

Time in Idaho

Last week, Collin and I went up with my brother and sister-in-law to spend some time with Sadee and Ava. One morning, I went and ate school lunch with Sadee. How times have NOT changed with elementary school.... so and so and to sit by so and so..... everyone compared lunches, Sadee was showing off to everyone.... I forgot to take a picture of Sadee and I, but I got one of her and her "bestest bestest friend" Jasmine. We also got to go swimming at the Collette's again. They had these little car floaties. Collin LOVED it. He LOVES the pool, loves loves LOVES it. He goes and gets his swimming suit and will not stop saying Pool until we go.
We also got to play in the hot tub. Collin wanted to walk around the edge. He actually wanted to just walk off into the deep end... he is a tricky one...
This place really is awesome. They are such a nice family to let us come and hang out.
Jeff with Sadee and Ava in the hot tub.
Ava trying to get brave to go down the slide.
This was one afternoon when Collin was laughing HILARIOUSLY at something the girls were doing. I wish I had recorded it....
Just hanging out.
I LOVE these windows that look out on the waterfall mom. Seriously, Collin LOVED to have these open so he could see the "water".
Sadee and Collin
Finally, Grandpa took Collin out to play in the dirt, sticks, waterfall....what more could a boy ask for?
Thanks for letting us come and play!
Maybe next time we won't have to wear jackets :)


Deals for the week of May 3

So.... here are my deals for the current week. I don't go to Winco very often, except when they send the coupons in the mail. Collin and I made a trek over this week and got all of the above for 28.00! WAHOO! I grew up in Idaho, and for awhile my parents lived literally down the street from a Winco. They have this AMAZING grainy bread (purple packaging) for only 98 cents. Yes, 98 cents. I bought three of them and now they are all in my freezer. YUM!
So, Walgreens I stopped by this week as well. I got all of the above for 53 cents, plus I still have a 2 RR to use...granted, I did use a 3.00 reward up, but still!
Rite Aid trip this week. LOVE Rite Aid. I just recently discovered my new wellness card basically takes 20 percent off everything you buy. I thought it was just Rite Aid brand stuff, but no, everything. The exciting thing is that the posterboard (which I needed to buy anyways for Primary) was on clearance for 24 cents and the seeds....were 50 percent off, plus my 20 percent off, so I got those for wicked cheap. I got all of the above and with the rebates, will be making 1.50!
Again, Rite Aid.... this one I basically got some stuff for my mom and it ended up being basically free after the mail in rebates.
This is a new dish I made off of UtahDealDiva blog. It looks somewhat weird, but it was YUMMY! And it had lots of veggies like fresh spinach, broccoli, broccoli, carrots, but YUM!
I went to Smiths and stocked up on yet more cereal for our family. 15 boxes of cereal for 13.60, less than 1.00 a box....and they have good deals on cereal (different kinds) again this week. I may have to go back...
And last of all, this week's co-op venture. It was FREEZING outside for the pickup, but yummy foods. Here is all I got for 15.00
9 bananas
7 kiwi
1 canteloupe
1 honeydew, I think
3 packs of blackberries
9 apples
1 romaine lettuce head
1 bunch of spinach YEAH!
2 artichokes
2 cucumbers
1 pack of radishes


Spring at the O'Berrys

So, one thing I do love about spring (when it decides to show up in Utah the right way) is our front yard. It gets SO beautiful. My dad really knew what he was doing in helping us get the right shrubs, bushes, and flowering plant. I also bought some tulips a few years ago, and now they have really multiplied... We planted that little tree new this year. It is so cute! It will be the perfect tree to light up at Christmastime....
Love this bush. It stays yellow for over a month.
And I love all of our flowers. Gotta love spring!

Last week's good deals

I have really been slacking on blog posts. Oh well. I am still trying to use this to help me keep track of spending, so here are my deals from last week.... All of this at Rite Aid for 7.43 total, pretty good considering originally it would have been above above 40.00.
My sister-in-law told me about this deal where the pop-tarts were on sale at Fresh Market with an instore coupon and a MC coupon, so I got these for basically 1.50, plus they are the pop-tarts that can add up to a free movie pass. WAHOO! Yeah for free summer movies.
Again, Rite Aid. All of this for 9.20, and I was able to help my mom stock up on air fresheners for her rooms at school....a SMELLY place in the springtime. I was just excited about the kitchen trash bags. I needed some, and they were on B1G1. So, originally this would have cost close to 40.00.
But the best deal last week, free shake at Iceberg. For those who don't know, you can get a free shake on your birthday. You have to show proof, but the shake was HUGE! Granted, I thought it would just be a small sample shake. NO WAY! I put this in the freezer, and I had free ice cream for a few days. WAHOO!