Liam's first BYU football game, with Collin :)

The first weekend in October, my dad randomly called to say they had 2 extra tickets and would any of our family like to go to the BYU game. I debated and debated, but finally decided I would be brave and take both Collin and Liam. It was a Friday night game.... so off we went after dressing the part.
I knew Collin would love all the tailgating festivities. To be truthful, he enjoyed that stuff more than the game. I love this pic of Grandma and him walking over.
He got to throw a football for a mini football. "That's my favorite!"
A future quarterback?
We spun the wheel and got a reusable bag.

Liam loved listening to the dance band the most. He was SO intensely focused on that. Collin attempted to throw a basketball.
Collin, I can't believe, sat still long enough to get a Y painted on his face.
Liam giving the staredown.
Collin's face painted.
In the game, let's just say, between nursing Liam, Liam having a canption (yes even in a loud football game) and screaming if anyone else held him for a second besides me, and taking Collin in and out, we had to leave early.
The good news is stopping to nurse Liam on the way home, my dad and I turned on the game, and of what was a pretty sad game while we were there, ended up with the Cougars winning!. GO COUGARS!


Canning projects

We have made quite a bit of canning this year. I think it has been our biggest year yet. The above is homemade concord grape juice, 100 percent juice. Our dear neighbor told us about a church farm that lets you come and pick grapes for free, so we went and picked our 4 buckets, and came home and made 23 quarts. It tastes YUMMY!
This is also another year of MASSIVE apple production on both our apple trees. I made more than I can post, but we did red apple pie filling, dried apples, diced apples in the freezer....
both smooth and chunky red applesauce...
Our raspberries did AWESOME this year! I have tons in the freezer, and I finally had enough to make my own raspberry jam. YEAH!
This has nothing to do with canning, but conference weekend I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple frosting. YUM!
Our neighbor let us take a cooler of peaches from his peach tree, so I did a batch of fresh peaches.
And thanks to a friend at the gym, I finally got enough tomatoes to do one batch of salsa. Granted, I also made my sister's HEAVENLY fresh salsa recipe.
I truly felt like a pioneer and thanks to Ryan for helping me out so much with it. It's definitely a challenge canning with two little kiddos in tow :)

2011 O'Berry pumpkin weigh-off

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first O'Berry pumpkin weigh-off with the pumpkins left growing in our garden. Collin's little "eebe" witnessed from afar.
Collin has LOVED watching the pumpkins grow, like his daddy.
Liam, well, he just crawled over to the bark. He thinks bark is ice cream by the way.
Starting the cuttings...
Liam staying still for one second. Actually, while posting this, it makes me want to have summer come back. Please.
The "big mac" pumpkins. They are quite large.
We had a record breaking year!
Don't you love how we color coordinate with the pumpkins :)
Happy carving everyone! I can't wait to make pumpkin puree out of these again!


A month of firsts

We have a few firsts in September. Liam learned how to crawl forward at the beginning of the month, about 7.5 months. I swear the next DAY he learned how to stand up and hang onto things. He has NO fear, probably due to the helmet :)
Also, put Liam in the bath with Collin for the first time. It makes the bath time SLIGHTLY chaotic, but a little faster.
Liam fell asleep in his high chair.... and I made my own baby food. Pears is what he likes the most of what I have made.

Random Septemberness

Yes, you get a bunch of posts from September in October. My apparent "priority" of journaling blog posts is falling by the wayside. These are just some random pics from earlier in September. I loved the above picture of Liam, maybe because he was wearing shoes :)
How about those GORGEOUS raspberries? They did AWESOME in our garden this year. Maybe due to super hot September weather, but we could get a bowl like this about every 3-4 days. Heaven.
I know it appears I only take pictures of Liam in his BYU shirt. I don't, just post those ones :)
Playing with the bigger white pumpkin we grew in our garden.