Rock climbing

 We went up to Idaho for Ava's birthday and went rock climbing. I wasn't even sure if Collin would attempt it, but eventually he mustered up some bravery.

 Liam had very little fear so he really went up pretty fast.

 Evelyn she liked to rest instead of rock climb, like Grandpa.

 Ava and Sadee were champs. Ava especially, she made it to the super tall top several times! Thanks for letting us come and celebrate Ava!

More random fall pictures

 This was the cutest thing. One day Liam got an old favorite toddler book of his and "read" it to Evelyn. We had read it so many times that he knew the story, but it was so cute to hear him try and read it. Corduroy's birthday in case anyone cares.
 I just loved this smile. When Evelyn smiles from her soul, her eyes curl up in half moons. I LOVE it.
 I just thought this was a funny picture.
 Okay, so I don't have my baby book pictures on her, but this polka dot outfit above, she looks very similiar to a baby picture of mine. Really similiar.
 One day Collin's friend Spencer came over for the morning and we went on a walk before school. A neighbor has a tether ball in her front yard. Big hit for awhile.

 Attempt at shoes once again.

 My brother and sister-in-law got a dog so the last time we went to Idaho we got to meet him, Cougar is his name. First time I have ever seen Liam get excited or even want to hold a dog.
They got the boys Transformer water bottles. That was a big hit.


Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze Review Into the Canyon

I found this story not quite as moving as I was originally thinking it was going to be. I really enjoyed different “quotes” from the Journal and I especially loved the different aspects of The River playing into different characters’ lives.  I liked how the author used the River as an analogy to so many challenges in life.
That being said, the writing style seemed quite weak to me. I never really felt the emotions that the characters did and often found myself thinking, hmm….more could have been done here. The relationship between the main character and Tabitha just didn’t seem to be very realistic in some aspects. It’s like it didn’t get delved into deep enough, or maybe that was because the character development was lacking.
I did appreciate the different feelings associated with the River. My favorite character, and the most developed for me, was Ezra. I felt more could have been done with his story and how it helped people. The main character’s trying to help the “lost” soul kept getting in the way of the original story.

Overall, it was a beautiful story about faith and hope and finding oneself courage and strength to move forward. 


Random family Sept 2014 pictures

 Love love love this picture.

 I discovered my fingers!
 Go Cougars!
 Playing walk to school.
 One of my most favorite pictures. Ever.

 Doing my kung fu guys.

Evelyn's first couple of weeks at home worship post

 I just loved this picture even though it is blurry since it looked like her hair is a little curly.
 Weird shape of Collin's head here, but it was such a "show the love" picture.
 Reading my FAVORITE kiddo book Goodnight Moon to Evelyn for the first time.
 She lived and slept in the car seat a lot the first month.
 Doesn't love tummy time.
 But when Optimus Prime came for a visit she was happy.

 Just love this picture.

First days of schools for Collin and Liam

 So, these pictures are a bit out of order, since we have so many locations of pictures. Liam started preschool this year. He goes two times a week on Tue/Thur from 9 to 11 at Creative World Preschool.

 He has been wanting to go to school since forever I think, especially since Collin has been going ever since Liam can remember. He was so excited when it was his turn!

 Outside his school.
 Collin was also very very excited to go to Kindergarten. I am so so so very glad we didn't send him to school last year. He has grown up a lot in the last year.

 At least he combed his own hair.
 I was just so happy that Evelyn wasn't born on the first day of school so I could take Collin to school. Since he could have gone to kindergarten last year, this was a long time coming.

Collin with his friend Sage.