Collin graduates from preschool

 Here is Collin the morning of his preschool graduation. I told him I had to have a nice smile picture and a silly one. This one turned out great!
 This one was MUCH more Collin.
 The thing Collin was most excited about was the "refreshments served in the preschool after graduation". Ever since he got the invite, that's what he tells everyone. Treats are after I graduate!
 Walking in. This was a great preschool for Collin. It was right down the street at the big high school.
 And even though I "tried" to tell Collin to sing the songs, he told me for several days, "Mom, I'm not going to sing ONE song". And yes, for most songs, he didn't. He sang one.

 So, the mind-of-his own Collin sat most of the time while everyone else sang cute and danced. He did sing and do actions to little bunny foo foo. "Mom, I sang that one!"

 The part I found most unique was what the students (high school teachers) said about Collin. Kind and gentle. Loving and patient. Reserved in what he did. This child I do not know. But, I'm glad teachers know him.
Congrats Collin !

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