Ryan's mostly April/May phone pics

 Who is this adorable little lady? I LOVE this picture!
 Reading books in the magical library room.
 Coloring at the dr.
 This picture above about fits the personalities in our family right now.
 Boys at the father/son campout. This playground was awesome according to the boys.

 Getting soccer lessons.

 We had a pet baby bird for about ten minutes. Ryan found it on the lawn not wanting to fly.
 Liam's lego gun.
 After the blue ice cream, Liam and Ryan hiked up to part of the falls at Bridal Veil falls.

 Family at Provo City Center temple.
Evelyn..."i touch flowers".

Saturday of Memorial Weekend 2016

 We went down Saturday morning and played at the Atkinson house in the backyard. Evelyn ADORED the trampoline in the ground. I jump mommy!
 And of course she was obsessed with the shadow.
 Blue Lemon
 Ice Cream at Bridal Veil Falls
Walking around the Provo City Center Temple grounds. Busy, busy day and this wasn't even all, just the parts I got pictures of!

Collin's first grade program and more Liam gymnastics

 Collin had a little part in his first grade end of year celebration program. He did so well at speaking clearly and loudly in the microphone. Here is a picture of him.
 Liam finished his month of gymnastics. The last week he got to go on the rings, which he thought was awesome! They are HUGE!

Evelyn did gymnastics over to the sandbox and got in all by herself. YEAH!


Girls night, bday and park days

 When the boys went to the father/son campout, Evelyn and I had a girls night. We walked to the bakery and I let her get her own cookie and she got to sit on the big chair by herself. You can tell she was VERY happy about that.
 Found Evelyn a new trike toy.
 Liam got to go as Yoda to a birthday party.
 Check out this adorable tea pot and cups cake!

 Built and played at lego hour at the library. This was a dragon.

 One morning took Evelyn and Liam to the park at our house. Evelyn loved the tunnel.
 Liam discovered he can get on top of the monkey bars by himself.

 She also loved the slide.

 Liam's "base" at the park.