Volleyball shoes

I'm not sure why some pictures stand to the side. Collin loves to wear my "workoutshoes" around the house. He calls them "volleyball shoes" because I always wear them to YW volleyball. I have to keep telling him volleyball is over, now we have basketball coming up!

Trip to Idaho and playing in the snow

So, despite our camera having issues, I'm still trying to take pictures. Apparently on our recent trip to Idaho last weekend, I only took pictures of the "playing in the snow" event. Collin totally looked like he belonged in the movie A Christmas Story. He just waddled around.
Everyone ready to go play!
I knew Collin would like playing outside, but oh my goodness, he didn't care if his boots and socks were on, gloves were taken off several times, and he did NOT want to come in.
Thanks for fun times in Idaho with snow!
We also had coloring contests. Collin HAD to sit up by Sadee and Ava. And when he got ahold of the markers....oh dear.

Random pics of Collin

Hey, so recently I found some random pair of pants for church for Collin in the closet that actually stay on him! Our camera has been having "clear taking picture" issues lately, but here are some cute ones recently. Before church, anytime Collin smiles now, this is what you get. Cheeser.
Or not staying still.
A couple of weeks ago I attempted potty training for 1.5 days. Collin was VERY into it for about half a day, and the other part, could care less. Other than showing me everywhere in the house he had peed besides the toilet. We'll try again soon, but had to get a pic in his little underwear.
It was cold one day awhile ago, so I bundled up Collin in the "full out play" outside gear with boots and everything. He looked huge in all that clothing :)
New church clothes for this winter.
And longer hair style...but only until I can get it cut! It is getting crazy!
We also had to break out warm pjs. These are Collin's favorites because there are "moose" on the feet.

Halloween party 2010

Okay, so I'm a little behind in posting. These are some fun family pictures taken at the Barnhisel Halloween party. I'm so glad they have a party, so we can come! Collin was a pumpkin, Ryan was the pumpkin farmer, and I was the standard witch.... but not as cool as some other witches that came. Collin wasn't sure if he should be scared of Darth Vadar, or attack him.
But, he became a fan of the light sabre.
The pumpkin farmer and Yoda together.
Collin's little cousin Kyle was Yoda, oh my goodness he was so cute. He is about 4 months older than Collin.
I think Collin's favorite part was the donut game. Now, Collin is familiar with donuts, because his mommy is a spoilover and often has to buy him one to survive a trip to the grocery store with him. This game you weren't supposed to touch the donut to eat it.
Yeah right. Collin just ran over there and POUNDED that thing.
He tried to actually eat another one too. Thanks for fun Halloween parties!