Day 4 Idaho visiting the library!

 A big hit is visiting the library on Fridays.... where you get to ride a golf cart since they have the main entrance under construction. My boys love the library anyways, but getting to ride a golf cart there?
 Yeah, my boys could have ridden it all day long back and forth.
 This picture doesn't do justice but Liam LOVED it.... he was smiling every second, minus of course the picture shot.

 Also inside the library is a fish pond. Oh my goodness, my boys loved this. We saw a "grandpa" fish, and some fat fish, small fish, etc.
 Liam of course, just wanted to go and swim with the fish. I swear this kid is going to live in water someday.

 He LOVED the fish pond. He could have stayed there all day, and in fact kept running out of the children's room out to the fish pond.
 In the actual children's room, it was huge! They had a huge stuffed dog that was also a hit.
We stayed and read some stories and played with the dog....
All in all it was a FUN busy trip to Idaho!

Day 3 Idaho lightning and green slime

 One morning there was a big lightning and thunderstorm. Can you tell it was fascinating? I LOVE this picture.... especially Liam standing up on his tiptoes....
 Probably the most fun we had was making green slime. I have also been wanting to make this for awhile.
 This was Collin's "green slime face" he told me.
 This was also a super fun way to ask questions, can you make it into a ball? Can you cut it? Can you make it flat? .

 Sadee and Ava liked to see how far it could stretch out...
 This was a good entertainment thing, we played with it a couple of days....and it stores in a tupperware great!

Day 2 Idaho school lunch, park, painting rocks, pizza, and castle

 Collin was SO excited to go and eat lunch at the "siren school" from when he went there LAST summer. We went almost every day we were there. It was much more "exotic" food to me than lunch in the park here, but it was super fun.

 Most days we stayed after for awhile to play on the playground. Collin finally got brave to cross this bridge.
 The first day he did it I had to take a LOT of pictures. "MOM! Look at me! MOM! Look at me! MOM!....you get the picture.

 We also painted rocks that day.

 And we brought Collin's pizza felt game and it was a big hit. A bigger hit was spilling the pizza all over the floor when the waiter was too much in a hurry!
 Several nights we went to Auntie Kari's to play and eat dinner. This castle they moved into the basement.
 My kids LOVED it....
 And after baths one night (yes that is footie pjs in the middle of the summer because my parent's basement is ARCTIC!) but we watched Wipeout for a few minutes. Liam laughed his head off. He loved climbing on this little ottoman.
And of course he loved wearing no clothes..... that wasn't so good :)

Day 1 Idaho-blow up soap and edible play dough

 The boys and I went up to Idaho this week to help babysit Sadee and Ava while my parents went on a MUCH needed, long overdue vacation. They had made a list of projects they wanted to do (thanks Pinterest!) from the last time we were together, and we did a lot. The first day we blew up soap in the microwave.
 This was really fun to see, though hard to see through the microwave door. It had fallen quite a bit by this time, but it was fun to look at.
 I loved how we got to talk while learning. What texture is it? How does it feel?
 Collin's favorite part was smashing it up.
 Then we made homemade little soap bars with the new soap....with Easter cutouts.
 The edible peanut butter playdough wasn't quite the big hit eating it as playing with it.
 Everyone wanted to just play with it, but everyone was scared to eat it :)
Sadee was a fan of the chocolate chips :)

Making cookies

 Recently one of our fun projects was to make cookies together. I let Collin make and put the scoops on. He actually did pretty well.
 And can you tell he was excited to eat them?
Liam kept spilling water on the floor with his boat. Him and water.....seriously.

4th of July 2012

 Ryan's dad came into town for the 4th of July so we went over to the Barnhisels for a lot of the day. They got a new dog which Liam LOVED...
 Collin finally got better at jumping on the tramp.
 He tried to do flips like Kyle, but we haven't quite got that far yet.
 Liam loves to ride around in this little car. A LOT.
 He also LOVED the trampoline....but only when he was on it alone.

My boys STILL hate the sound of loud fireworks, so we stayed inside for the show, but Collin handled sparklers okay.... thanks for the fun times! Sorry we didn't get any pictures of you Grandpa O'Berry!

What happens when you don't hear Liam

 See this water? It came from our toilet upstairs.
I knew he must be up to no good when I hear hilarious laughing and the bathroom door closed....I go inside the bathroom and there is NO water left, absolutely none, in the toilet. I guess this is what we do on Sundays after church these days :)