The Green Face

This is Ava's "green face". She apparently does this face, now on command, after seeing the Wizard of Oz. Apparently, this is her version of the wicked witch of the east, who has a green face. It is so funny, because now you can say, "Ava do the green face", and she automatically does it! I'm wondering if she thinks she looks mean? More like hilarious... seriously.


Auntie Alisa

So, many of you know that I LOVE being an aunt. These two little girls, Sadee and Ava, are the love of my life, after Ryan of course. Actually, I'm addicted to being an aunt, until the time comes that I can be a mom.

Sadee, the little princess above, is so funny. I was there when she was born so maybe that's why I feel like she is my own. She speaks like she is 20 years old, but at the same time, wants to be a princess with LONG hair, not short, curly hair. She is the epitome of Shirley Temple and everything is princessy to her. Plus, she TOTALLY thinks my drawings of the princess are GOOD! (I know...she is just four!). This was her picture at my brother's wedding reception. One of the bridesmaids gave her a little fabric coverup thing....and so then she got to be a bride. Isn't she the cutest?

Now, this is Ava in her full glory, (above) running around like a crazy person at my brother's reception. She was laughing her head off when I took this picture. She is 19 months old and is the cutest little thing now. She finally has hair and this other picture of her is " the green face" or her imitation of the mean wicked witch of the west, since she recently saw the Wizard of Oz.


Less than 48 hours now...

I am a huge Harry fan. I admit I have read the books a zillion times. Between my husband and I, we have at least two copies each of each book. Needless to say, I have been counting down the days until the 7th book. It started at a huge amount and now, as you can see by my title, we are down to less than 48 hours. And even though I will be sad when Harry's story has ended, I can't WAIT to read book 7.

I feel like I came into the Harry saga a bit late, because the first four books were already out when I started reading them, but ever since, I have been a huge fan. Pathetic as it is, the 6th book came the day Ryan and I got married and we both got a copy as wedding gifts :)

Anyways, I just hope Voldemort gets it in the end and we find out really why Snape is who he is... and maybe Ron and Hermione finally tell each other they are meant to be!

2 years later

So, earlier this week, Ryan and I had our 2 year anniversary. I can't believe I have been with this MARVELOUS man for 2 whole years. This is our engagement picture from 2 years ago... and I still love it. It took us awhile to find each other, than awhile for me to figure out that Ryan truly was the one for me, and here we are, 2 wonderful years later!

My first post

So, I am finally starting a blog. I have no idea really what I am doing, but am trying to become more "technological" and more in touch. Some friends of mine have blogs and though they all have kids to make their blogs more fun, I'll try. Anyways, once I figure out things more, you'll see more fun stuff :)