Ogden Temple open house pictures

 I keep forgetting Ryan's phone pictures are stored somewhere different than mine, and then these were from the camera :) Oh how I love the picture above :)

Fairy/frog home

 Sometimes when the cousins come, they make these elaborate fairy/frog houses. I love it because it shows so much creativity and imagination.

 I can't remember what all the parts were, but this was more like a castle than a home :)

Last of the summer of 2014 fun

 Near the end of the summer, we finally got out the pool. I know. I'm not sure how it happened that way that we didn't get it out eons ahead of the summer, but oh well. It was a great afternoon.

 When we go to Discovery, sometimes they have these little classes for little kiddos. This one was all about textures. It was a big hit.

 I know I took lots of Discovery pictures this summer, but since our pass is ending, and not sure if/when we will renew it, wanted to remember the fun we had.

August Wheeler Farm trip

 Whenever we have enough little pieces of bread, we take a trip to Wheeler Farm to feed the ducks. We love that place.

 And we always have to sit on the stinky potties. Boys will be boys.

 Kung fu Collin.

 We also went to Murray Park this month. It was really fun.
And our last summer trip to the zoo.

Collin's 6th birthday and playing some more

  For Collin's 6th birthday, due to pregnancy, had to keep it low key. We went and got free Jamba Juice in the morning.
After he had requested m and m pancakes. This was a huge hit. Whip up your favorite pancake recipe add some m and ms. I'm genius.
He got his very own coldstone ice cream for HIMSELF. This was a very big deal, especially because I do NOT like cotton candy with gummy bears, but Collin does.

More fun pictures of the Discovery Museum. This day when we went we got to build and color our own boats.

Living in a tent.
Doing the weather.


Ritas, Ogden temple, spoken word, ice cream

 We tried out Rita's ice with the cousins. Super fun.
 We went and played laser tag and rode rides and did arcade games at All-Star Lanes.
 Went to the Ogden Temple open house. Collin was not wanting pics taken.
 Grandma and I took Sadee and Ava to the spoken word Sunday morning.
 After the temple, we went to go eat and had to run to a bank to run into a bathroom. You can't tell, but a rainstorm came and we were literally soaked. Like, soaked.
One night took the girls to Leatherby's for the huge giant split. They couldn't believe how big it was!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

 When Sadee and Ava came down, my mom took us to Thanksgiving Point on her grandparents pass and so we went to the new Museum of Natural Curiosity. It was a big hit. Especially the little kid town area.

 Dress ups? Um yeah, big hit of course.

 Magic shop was great too.

 WE had a picnic outside.
 Climbing the ropes course got a little scary for Collin, but he was brave.

 Then we went to the kids' garden and played in the water.
 We didn't bring suits, so the boys just took their shirts off which was so cool and got soaked.

Really fun place to play! Thanks Grandma!