Lowering my Expectations

This is kind of a random post, but I just wanted to see if anyone else got disappointed due to "high expectations" of something...

Recent example:

Ryan and I recently bought a piano. I can't even TELL you how pumped or how long I have dreamed of playing a piano in my own home... but have never had the space, and the money, etc. Due to some special financing from my grandma from the other side (heaven), and my mom and dad (executive financiers) and Ryan and I saving, we recently bought our first piano. (I tried out the $90,000 grand piano, but decided it was just a little out of our price range :) until we make millions). Anyways, I digress...so, I was so excited because when I bought it on Monday night, I was totally thinking I wouldn't get it delivered for awhile....alas, no! The sales guy told me he should be able to deliver it tonight, Wednesday, from 5-6pm. I was SO excited (thus the high expectations fall into play) to be able to go home and play to my heart's total content. Ryan even got the furniture all moved around so there was space to have the piano.

Sadly enough, in between my all day long meeting, I got voicemails from the piano delivery people that apparently, due to not having enough pianos to deliver, overbooking times, they couldn't deliver it after work today, Wednesday, only during the afternoon. And ironically enough, this was the one day I could NOT break away from work all day long, due to my all day meetings.... so instead of being able to deliver it on Thursday and Friday, when I could break away any time, they can't deliver it until Saturday mid-day. Now, I wish I would have just had my heart set on the original delivery time, sometime within the next couple of weeks, instead of 2 days from buying it.

And I know. There are SO many other people suffering so many problems, that the delivery of a piano is about the lamest excuse to be sad... but I am a bit sad today. Mostly I have reconfirmed, I just need to have LOW expectations of things and then I am always happily surprised.

Okay, well, someday, we may have pictures of our piano on here, but not sure when :)


Readers Choice

I haven't posted anything and I have been lazy. I have nothing to post with pictures, but for anyone living in Salt Lake County, I want to put a plug in for the Salt Lake County library Readers Choice books. Some of you may know I read a lot of books (like a lot!) and so I'm always up for new books or looking for new things to read. The best thing I have come across in the last few years is my local Park Library (but I know they do it county-library wide) is Readers Choice books. This is what the brochure says about it...

"Twice a year the Salt Lake County Library staff selects a group of recently published books that we enjoyed reading and that we think you'll like reading too. These books are on display at each Salt Lake County Library. After reading any of the books from our list of current nominees, you can let us know what you think of them by voting"

So, there are about 28 books (they do different ones twice a year) and they range from biography to thriller to fantasy to documentary, to just any book you could think of. The thing I love most is most of them are less than 400 pages and true librarians have already read them and recommended them. And they are at very front of the library so no searching!

The funnest thing is voting for the books you like, love, or dislike. They post the results so you can see how your fellow readers like the same books. And last summer, I won the $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble!

So far this go around, I have only read 3 of the 28 books, but hopefully I can read them all.
There's the link if you are interested, so even if you don't live in SLC, you can still read some interesting books you never would have thought of!


Christmas-in January

So, it has only taken me a couple of weeks to post pictures from Christmas, and of course, I didn't really take any of Ryan and I.

This picture was TOO funny. Ava and Sadee and their padres came to visit us for Sunday dinner on their way back from visiting Dave's family, this was Ava and her daddy asleep on the couch. I just thought, like father like daughter. They even have their arms crossed the same way!

Sadee had to show me her princess doll that was the same size as her.

Christmas morning was too funny. Ava LOVED these gold shoes she got. Once she put them on, no taking them off of her!

Sadee and her stocking.

Ava also took off her gold shoes for a second to put on her Mickey Mouse slippers and smile :)

I loved Sadee's hair in all these mini pigtails one day after Christmas. And Ava got this cute outfit from Grandpa...she looked so cute.

The best part of the few days we were in Idaho was Ava trying to be Mary. You should have seen her. She stuck the arm cover of the armchair over her head and carried around baby Jesus...and said all the time "Baby Jesus is sleeping. Be quiet!"
This is Sadee being Mary as well, minus the headdress.

Both of the Mary's fighting over baby Jesus.
And of course, when we got home, I realized we didn't take any pictures of Ryan and I. At least we got a picture of our Christmas tree before we left. Yeah for Christmas!


Deep Freeze

Okay, so I haven't posted anything for awhile, and still need to post Christmas stuff, but I had a few extra seconds today to change the colors of the blog...to depressing "deep freeze" colors. That is what the weather is like in Utah right now. I always tend to call January the deep freeze month, because apparently for the last few years, Utah gets some lovely snowy days in December, and then we hit my least favorite part of the year, what I call the deep freeze. This means the air quality is bad, everything is frozen solid, and I just can't stay warm. Although, today, I'm actually doing okay on the warm part. And I do know there are colder parts of the country (thanks to friends that live in the midwest) but this is still deep freeze country for me during this time of year. I'm already excited for spring.

Anyways, I hope to be better about posting things in 2008, but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.