Booksneeze Review The Christian Mama's Guide to parenting a toddler

This was a fun book for getting fun ideas in how to deal with toddler-dom. I have a current two-year-old, and though he has an older sibling, this was helpful to me. Macpherson is humorous and “real” in her stories and situations, which I definitely appreciate. I especially liked the different lists that were at a bulletpoint glance to look back through for future reference. She is equally candid about how it is hard to be a parent of a toddler and the situations that suddenly come up because of said toddler’s independence.

I also liked how she recognized she was not an expert by any means, and often called in more so-called experts for different topics such as nutrition and potty-training. My favorite lists of ideas were in the getting kids to eat (always a hard feat at my house) and things you can do at home to engage learning with toddlers. My little guy loves learning and full of curiosity so excited to try some of her ideas.

Overall, this was a fun, easy-to-read book that I will find helpful. Is it the cure all to all ailments with my toddler? No, but it gives some fun new ideas that can help make the passage more pleasurable.

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