Walk in the backpack

This week, we finally broke out the backpack carrier that Ryan's sister gave us. Collin LOVES it. You should see his face. He thinks he is SO cool up in that thing. Mom, I'm taller than you!
I really, really think Collin has always loved going on walks, and in this thing, he REALLY likes walks.
Now I can just figure out how to wear it around our house, I could get a LOT of things done!

Sunday morning

After the hardest time getting a smile out of Collin, we played on Sunday morning before church, and got this response... But little by little, it became more fun.
Finally we see the hints of a smile...
And more and more...
It was SO fun to have nice carpet to play around on. Thanks grandma!
I love to study your carpet and my mom loves that she can leave me on it and not worry about me. But I think I'm ready to get up now.
Mom, I'm ready to really play in your arms!

Blue eyes

Ya think?

Family pictures

What happens when you try to gather 6 adults, and 3 kids six years old and under on a Saturday afternoon for family pictures? Well, with a 9 month old....this... Smile, Collin! Smiles....were NOT coming. No matter what we did, the photographer did, silly faces Sadee and Ava made, the smile with the cute 6 teeth was NOT going to happen....
Well, I'm warming up a bit for your camera mom.
Maybe a slight smile with no teeth exposed....but they look so cute Collin!
FINALLY! You see his toothers...
Sadee was a total ham for the camera....watch out boys.
Ava cared more about "her flowers" and running away.
But, at least we got a couple of smiles in our coordinated outfits.

How can you not love this face?


Collin update

This is an old picture, but I realized I hadn't taken any over the last couple of weeks, but I still love this one.

Collin had his 9 month check up last week (a week late) and he weighed 15.13 pounds (not even on the charts), 28.5 inches long (50th length) and I can't remember his head, but it is between 75-90th percentile. So, of course now we are more focused on the eating better thing. The last couple of weeks we have seen a little bit of progress in that category, but still working on it. We went and got oatmeal cereal instead of rice cereal and that seems a bit better. He likes to eat Puffs and he sometimes likes green beans and applesauce.
Collin's doctor said he is very active and very social, which made me laugh because he gives so many people the staredown most of the time. Just this last week though, and even since the doctor visit, he REALLY wants to interact with people. He isn't crawling yet, but he wants to move so badly, it kills him that he doesn't know how to do it yet. He scoots backwards and just rolls all over the place, so we are excited to pass that milestone soon.
In other milestones, he had his first "happy" big boy tub experience tonight, in that he liked sitting up in the regular tub, not his infant tub. That was exciting. He was able to splash around and we got to whip out the "pirate rubber ducky" which was too funny. He also LOVES to be outside. He tries to eat the leaves on the trees, and the bark, but luckily, not yet.
He also has his first little cold and it's so sad. I just saw today that his one little nostril is starting to run...boo hoo! And he is cutting his fifth tooth (the top other middle one). Stilll has his blue tooth, but hopefully that will go away soon.
At all costs, this little guy just melts my heart and makes me so glad I'm his mommy!


Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

Mommy, I hope you have a wonderful day today. I am going to be so good at church today mommy.
Mommy, can you please do my hair in a spike today?
Okay, I'm a little mad my hair is too long and too curly for a true spike, but it's still kind of spiky.
I am so glad you are my mommy!
Can you feed me now?
What a wonderful Mothers Day it has been! Collin, this was my first Mothers Day as a mommy, and I'm so glad I could spend it with you! Plus, my husband has TOTALLY made all my meals today, let me relax, and just been wonderful! Yeah for Mothers Day!

Superbaby visits Coloardo

The first weekend in May, our family took a trip out to Colorado for Collin's newest cousin Declan's blessing and also for his Great Grandpa O'Berry's 90th birthday. Finally! Earlier this spring, we FINALLY found a Superbaby onesie, Collin's "old" name while he was in the womb. He looked so cute in it now that he is finally fittin in it.
Collin the official Superbaby.

While there in Colorado, Collin got to go on his first visit to a fire station.
We got to ride in the fire truck, Collin didn't totally love it as you can see.
This is Collin, his daddy and his Great Grandpa O'Berry, I just love this picture. Happy 90th birthday Grandpa O'Berry! He is so nice. And Collin liked looking at him.
Collin giving us the staredown.
Some of the cousins together.
All of Great Grandpa O'Berrys great-grandchildren...minus Declan. What a posterity!
One of the best parts of Colorado was getting to see Miriam and Marcus, a couple of Collin's cousins. They LOVED to play with Collin and he thought it was so fun to have some real entertainment, other than his parents :)
He was SUCH a better traveler this time around, and so it made the trip that much better. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!