Singing performances

 Liam got to sing with his preschool last week. I felt superhuman getting three kids to eat at in n out (advent calendar) before the performance, finding a spot to park, and making it in the wind inside the mall with a few minutes to spare. They had cool light display right outside the main entrance and we got fun popcorn after.
 They also had reindeer!

 We also donated Ryan's car (so long friend) to the kidney foundation. bitter sweet. Liam liked watching the tow truck haul it away from the window.
 Evelyn doing exercises with a washrag.

Collin's first grade singing. Lots of effort to see a five minute performance, but he saw us and that was all that mattered. Apparently I spaced dressing Christmasy and we went for Halloween/pirate look :)

Second week of Dec pictures

 Due to a hurt knee, our advent calendar is more low key this year. One day after school we had a hot chocolate party and invited a few friends over to share with us.

 The marshmallows, we should have just had a marshmallow party :)

 Collin combs Evelyn's hair


South Jordan nativities

 My cousin told me about a stake near her last year that had all these nativity scenes to come look at so we went, since I love nativity scenes. This year was even better! This year Ryan was able to come. They had more than 200 nativity scenes and even though I couldn't study them in detail, it was still awesome. My kids loved this huge replica of Bethlehem.
 They had a dress up room that the kids LOVED. Evelyn LOVED baby Jesus. We took several shots of playing people in the nativity.

 They had a super cool backdrop for the manger this time, which was fun. Liam wanted to be a sheep like last time and Collin was an angel.

 Angel, sheep and Mary.

 Joseph pulling the donkey.

 Three kings

 Two of the kings and Joseph
 They also had a crafts room where we colored a picture, Collin made a mini nativity set and Liam made nativity magnets. It was super fun!

First week of December advent

 I'm trying to do a more low key advent calendar this year, but the first day of December was Christmas pajamas. Collin finally got some footie pajamas that have footies that he now lives in :)
 Hanging out while mom cleans the bathroom.
 Once again my phone was full, so we didn't get too many pictures when we went to see the Elves at Gardner Village, plus it was pretty chilly, so it was a quick run around.
 Liam got a fever and fell asleep during the day. Weird.
 Liam's graham cracker gingerbread house he made at school.
 Art wall finally updated over a year later. Collin drew the nativity and Liam drew himself and a snowman family.

Painting and making ornaments for the tree. Big hit every year.

Fun Christmas Sunday outtakes

 Granted, this was taken November 29, but still. We are very very very excited for Christmas!

 Hey most everyone is almost looking and smiling at the camera!

 Crazy hair girl.