I feel like a new mommy!

Just a quick comment.... I'm not sure if it's due to Collin getting bigger, older, happier, more on schedule, but last night....he slept from 945 pmish until 410am! I actually woke up in the middle of the night panicked and asked my husband if Collin was still alive! He was....just extra good sleeping. Here's to more nights like these my sweet little guy!

Fun pictures

Okay, so these are just some fun pictures we have taken recently.
For some reason, this picture WOULD NOT rotate....sorry, but this is one of Collin's first real smiles, awhile ago.
Collin and I cheering on the Cougars when mommy and he were listening to them on the radio on the bed.
Daddy and I on a Sunday afternoon.
Collin in his Hawaaian shirt....thanks to his Auntie Kari...the auntie always in style.

I feel bad we haven't taken any "size" wize pictures..... so here is Collin at 6 weeks next to a pillow... he is still so small, but a couple days ago I went and saw a friend's newborn who was 8.8 pounds and he is much bigger!
Showing my muscles off....or as my daddy says, the "gunshow".

First BYU game

On Saturday, September 20th, my parents, uncle and husband and I took Collin to his first (hopefully of many) BYU football games. People thought I was insane to do this with a 6 week old, but we were going to "test" the waters, breastfeeding in public and load noises.
This was Collin in the car during first quarter where grandma and I spent most of the quarter feeding him and changing his diaper. Then, hopefully we would make it to our seats before halftime...ha ha
This picture is out of order, but this was driving home from the game. Normally when we drive, he totally falls asleep, but he was awake and SO smiley the whole way. He must have been happy about BYU shutting out Wyoming!
The O'Berry family at the first BYU game...together :)
Collin playing with Grandpa Johnson during the game.
Yes, he even managed to sleep during the game.
Here Collin is "Pondering the game" with my uncle Jeff, a HUGE BYU fan.
One of my favorite pictures of Collin recently.
Yeah, the Cougars won! Thanks for letting us come, Grandma and Grandpa!

Collin's blessing

I have been meaning to post these for awhile. Collin Ryan O'Berry got blessed by his daddy on Sunday, September 14th. Grandpa O'Berry was there, as well as Grandpa Johnson, as well as other cousins and friends. It was a great day. Here are some cute pics...although, the ones just of him I took a few days later, since I realized the day of the blessing we only had taken the one family picture!


Babywise anyone?

So, several of my friends have suggested that "Babywise" is wonderful. It's this book written by doctors about how babies, yes, even babies, can get on a schedule when they are small. Collin and I started reading it together (yes, I have read parts out loud to him) about how he can be on a more regular schedule and be happier. No, I'm not convinced of everything it teaches, but it has given me some great ideas about how to listen to Collin's cries, know when he is hungry, and have strength to allow him to cry.

I'm just wondering if anyone else praises or hates the Babywise philosophy.

And "smiling" pictures of Collin are coming your way soon.


1 month pictures

This was Collin's first trip to Idaho Falls, a little over 3 hours away. We didn't have to stop once, so he was GREAT! My sister gave him this cute little oufit, including the shoes for him to wear for his first trip to church.
I'm a safari man!

I want to be one of Santa's elves!

Collin one month old

Family pictures of Collin one month old
Cousins together. Sadee and Ava LOVE Collin!


Collin's a cougar now!

Last Saturday, Collin became a true BYU Cougar fan.... We all went down to Provo and Collin wore his BYU hat, onesie and booties....that his Grandma Johnson and Uncle Jeff gave to him. He looked SO darling, even though the oneise "drowned" him. Both Ryan and I are true Cougar fans and graduated from BYU so we had to adopt Collin as a true fan already. Every Saturday we are going to wear our Cougar gear....
Mommy (ignore this weird face on me) didn't have a BYU shirt last Saturday, but she will for the next one.
I am trying to be better about having Collin having tummy time....he isn't a huge fan yet...but I love this one of his tongue sticking out.
This is I think so far my favorite picture of Collin. I know people tell me that little 3 week old babies can't smile, but I beg to differ. He is smiling so much more lately...and I got the PERFECT picture of it in this one below.
More tummy time.
Look how tall I am getting.... maybe soon I won't have to roll up my pants....since this was the first time he wore pants.... we like warmer weather better :)

Here's to loving Collin more and more each day!