Evelyn starts better walking and Liam's day after bday

 Evelyn in the past couple of weeks has finally started taking off on walking. We are still monitoring her right leg and ankle to see if she drags/strengthens other issues, but this is a huge milestone. She is encouraged to walk on bare feet as much as possible, but had to wear shoes at the library. She loves the library storytime we go to. And now she is much more mobile, which is SO much more fun for her!

 Liam's preschool teachers made him a crown and a special heart cake the day after his bday (he didn't have school on his actual birthday). He was SO excited!
 Working on the dino dig that grandma gave him. It was so fun for him. EXTREMELY dusty, probably as dusty as a real dino dig, but he loved it.

 More walking around. I should call her pigtails her antennae :)

Not a happy day :)

Liam turns five

 I know, random picture of Evelyn on a church day in her cute church coat that is totally impractical, but so cute.
 Out of order birthday pictures, but Grandma gave him a find your own dinosaur fossil.
 Liam's cake request. Square rectangle cake, tall, blue frosting, 5 in gummy bears surrounded by licorice. Ever since I had the boys start designing their cakes, it is much easier. Sugar overload :) Oh, and cake inside is chocolate.
 Collin decided to put the gummy bears around the outside as well.

 Ryan took half a day off so I was super sick on Liam's birthday, so luckily, Ryan could take Liam to his favorite play place for some special birthday daddy time.

 And they got ice cream.

 opening presents is a big hit!

Hanging out with Evelyn. We are so happy to have you Liam! you have been so excited to turn five for FOREVER!

First zoo trip of the year

 One Saturday morning we put on our snow gear and went to the zoo. As I probably have mentioned before we LOVE going in the winter since there is hardly anyone there, and some of the animals are super active.

 Watching the baby oragatan play with his big sister. Evelyn loved him.

 Playing on the log with snow :)

 The snow leopard was right by the glass today. Evelyn LOVED him!

Janury photos and Collin's tooth loss

 Evelyn tries to help her mommy clean the tub. Soon baby girl the job can be all yours :)
We solve the problem of Liam being overheated in footie pajamas by cutting off the feet. 

 Looking dapper for church. Evelyn kept her hair done for almost an hour. It was a record.

 Chef Collin
 Crazy hair girl.

 For some reason every time we go to the Lego store we have "an incident" with digestive issues. Enough said, so here is Evelyn wearing her jacket for pants :)
 A cold morning spent building a hut.

 Collin pulled out his top first tooth all on his own. It was QUITE a feat and required all four of us in the Vista nurses bathroom, but he did it!


A little late but Evelyn's 12 monthish photo shoot

 I'm not a huge one for doing all the photo shoots, and I was about a month or so late to get Evelyn's year old pictures, but here they are. She definitely has more hair now (16 months), but so much of the rest is the same.

 The "oh!" face is classic.

 I can tell when she is really happy or excited, her eyes start to get squinty.

 The squinty eye smile! LOVE!

 The SUPER squinty smile. My all time favorite.