Easter Sunday and we adjust the first week home with four kids

 Easter Sunday. We barely got a picture. Evelyn loves her new fancy white shoes.
 Love this picture of Liam and Evelyn.
 Look at those handsome suit boys!
 Adeline got dressed up for Easter but we didn't go.

 Took Adeline for her first carrier walk.
 Liam lost his first tooth. It had been loose awhile, but Ryan just yanked it out without a sound from Liam. Nerves of steel that kid.
 Another Sunday picture of Evelyn. She loves to stand on the stairs for her picture.

 Evelyn reads to Adeline.

 Getting the manure for our garden was SUPER exciting!

 Adeline went to sacrament meeting for the first time today, when she was almost 2 weeks old. Slept through the whole thing with most of the time Daddy holding her.

Adeline comes home

 Adeline getting ready to come home.
 All strapped in.

 Liam loving on Adeline.

 First almost all family picture.

 Finally some more open eyes. She is a big sleeper :)
 First tummy time at home.

 Meeting her newest cousin Sam. He is six weeks older than her. Their due dates were much closer, but he came early and she came late :)

 Evelyn's first time holding baby sister.
 Liam's first time holding Adeline.

 Trying to look stylish is hard.

Baby #4 is here!

 After a long pregnancy, and a long day of inducement with NOTHING going on until the last hour, finally baby #4 officially arrived to our family. Adeline Kathryn O'Berry.

 She already has the Evelyn pout down.
 Nobody could believe how much she weighed! 8.56 pounds! She is huge compared to the other pipsqueaks :) She is so so beautiful though :)

 Collin loves holding her for the first time.
 I still can't swaddle well.

 First bath pictures.

Loving the heat warmer after the bath :)