Kitchen remodel part 4 I think? it starts to look slightly like a kitchen

 This was the day our kitchen kind of started looking like a kitchen again.
 This was also the day the taping/texturing guy came to finish up the kitchen walls.
 This will eventually be where our kitchen table is.
 Massive fake wall is now a real wall
 Few more cupboards and the start of the "island".....my dream place.
 This corner where our fridge used to be is going to be tall cupboards that can act as a partial pantry.

 The project partially morphed into our living room. We redid the ceiling in our living room, as well as the floor and repainted all the walls. So basically, the kitchen remodel turned into main floor remodel :)

 Doing the texturing of the ceiling.

At least in the kitchen today. This was most interesting to watch the "blobbing" as Collin called it. Stay tuned for more parts!

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