Thomas Nelson Review-What's He Really Thinking

I have to admit, I chose to read this book simply for its title. I have not read any books by Paula Rinehart before. Overall, interesting book, but I was disappointed in some aspects. I did like how she put “categories” of men, (fighter, protector, adventurer, builder, nurturer, reflective, and scientist) and I found it interesting to ask my husband and try and figure out what he was. I also did like how she believes that men want to be the “man” in the relationship and how certain aspects of their personalities women can help accent. I also liked how she showed intimacy can be as simple as a good conversation and small things with the men in your life to show them you care.
However, those things being said, I was a bit disappointed in that I came away from the book not really learning anything “new”, which I guess I was expecting to. I am not sure I would consult the book again, although I do thing the questionnaire guide at the back may be good to just review with my husband to see how he feels or probe questions.
I would rate this book overall 2 stars, okay, but definitely not great.


Collin's love affair

Yes, I bought a few of these and got them for free, so I thought one day last week I thought I would give them a whirl for Collin. I know, they aren't healthy, but I figure he needs some fat :)

Can we say instant love affair? Granted, it may be a one day thing, but Collin LOVED these noodles.
At least now we know Collin is a pasta junkie :)
Seriously, I could not put these on his tray fast enough. Plus, the whole time he was just laughing to himself like he had discovered something totally wonderful....unhealthy fast food.
He pounded that whole little cup, and 200 calories later with who knows how much fat, his mom was rejoicing!
Thanks, mom!
Let me know when we can have some more, K?

This is what happens...

When your baby goes and plays at a family's house so your hubby and you can attend the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple dedication at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon....if he didn't take a nap first.
I know every family has one of these pictures with their first child, but Ryan and I were just smiling. He didn't take any nap after 1045 this morning and by 6pm this evening, he was beat. It was too cute. You're going to bed early tonight Collin!

Collin's Second b-day party

We also had a family get together in Utah for O'Berry family members and my brother and sister-in-law. I'm not sure if he was more full this time, but he just didn't quite get into the cake as much as the Idaho celebration.
Daddy frosted the cake this time.
Everyone sing to Collin!
I get another cake mom? AWESOME!
I just want to play with this cake though, I'm not going to really eat it this time, mom.
Okay, maybe one little piece.
YUM! Thanks for everyone who came to help us celebrate!


Apples, apples and more apples

Many of you know, we have two VERY large apple trees in our yard. Luckily they produce only every other year, and this year was a producer. The second summer we lived in our home they produced, but we had no clue what was going on, and so a lot of the apples went to waste, which we felt badly about. This year we determined to be better.
So, besides making 14 quarts of applesauce, and giving about 15 boxes just like the ones below away to friends and neighbors, it came down to the last box....apple pie filling and apple butter. Granted, I think we were a little too ambitious this year, we did the 14 quarts on a Tuesday night after I got home from work and Collin was none too happy about it. The same week, Thursday night, we did things a little differently. We learned our lesson and with the apple pie filling, we brought in a box for him to play with.
For about an hour, he was pretty happy, playing in the box, throwing out the apples. So, I decided to make apple butter (long story that probably won't get posted, but involved some pennies that just barely got unstuck from our pan) that I still have yet to eat a lot of....anyways, back to the canning.
Oh, mom is it okay if I eat some of these? Don't you love the guilty look on his face?
Oh, I can eat away? Thanks mom, already was!
Uh oh! I have decided enough of this box mom! I'm going for gymnastics instead.
This is the totally insane nasty kitchen while we were making the "apple concoctions". So, for two nights in the same week (granted, I know a lot of people this is a regularity at their house!) we had a totally out of control kitchen, late into the evening.
More apple nastiness. And how silly am I that I didn't even take a picture of all my apple goodness? Oh well...it is still sitting on my counter not put away, so maybe if I get ambitious before putting it away, I'll take one and post it. Nah, probably not.
However, tonight we had apple crisp for dessert, and YUM!

Collin's First Birthday--Idaho style

For Collin's first birthday, we wanted to celebrate it low key-with just family. Most of my family lives in Idaho, so that meant taking a couple of days off work in the middle of the week, and heading up to Idaho for the celebration. Part one of the celebration including riding his first horse, otherwise known as Grandpa.
He thought he was SO cool....
The poor horsey suffered some back pain, so thanks Grandpa for playing horsey!
Part 2 included his Baby Cougar (GO BYU!) cake. Now, granted, Collin had tried a little bit of cake, a little bit of whipped cream, and even ice cream before this, but this was his first all-encompassing "sugar" experience.
We had Sadee and Ava help us blow out his one candle. Look at the anticipation!
Never in all my days have I seen a one-year-old attack the cake with free abandon. I wish our camera video allowed us to post the video. It was hilarious.
Collin just kept getting the huge piece of cake and stuffing it in his face.
To see the look of utter joy and laughter on my son's face was truly a delight for me. Maybe we need to celebrate first birthdays more often?
Granted the piece of cake wasn't that huge, but Collin basically downed THE ENTIRE THING. He just kept eating, and going, and eating...
This is great fun mom!
I love squishing the frosting in my fingers!
Part 3 included opening some gifts. Sadee and Ava were GREAT help in this department.
He got some wooden blocks, and this stuffed Iguana, now I have nicknamed Igo. He LOVES this thing. He wrestles it to the ground. Either that or he is giving it loves.
Grandma Johnson gavef him these barnyard animals that make noise. ALSO loved by Collin.
Thanks so much Idaho gang for helping Collin celebrate his birthday---Idaho style.


Rite Aid deal

Never fear. For those of you wondering if I'm still into coupons (like any of you are! HA HA) yes, still am. I just don't have the time to post every deal I get....so sorry. I have been doing this for almost a year now, and I can't even tell you the savings now. I can't go back to life before. And I still have only stepped into a Wal-mart twice this whole year. Once to only buy newspapers that had coupons, and once on a trip to Colorado where Ryan's dad needed to pick up stuff, so I don't really count those.
Okay, like this even matters to anyone, but I am finally posting another "coupony" deal that I got at Rite Aid this week. Since Walgreens has totally been slacking on good deals, Rite Aid has become a better friend to me. I got all of the coupon links and information from hip2save, my fave frugal blog.

After coupons and rebates, I got all of this for 45 cents, basically sales tax. WAHOO!

New calling

So, last Sunday I got a new calling.....want to guess what it is? I have to admit, it is the first (and probably not last) time in my life I am very overwhelmed and intimidated but also the most excited.....

Primary chorister. Yes, that will be me. Granted, I have never served in Primary in my 32 years of existence yet, so I am PUMPED! But, also totally overwhelmed. So many people have told me I'm basically the gospel doctrine teacher of the primary. No pressure there.

Anyways, tomorrow is my first day. Wish me luck and please pass along any creative or fun ideas you have to me!

Summer is here!

Need I say more? I made this homemade salsa (with only half of the ingredients from the store)....YUM!

Collin's "oh!" face

This last week, we got Collin in his super cute outfit from his Auntie Kari (the shirt kind of drowns him but under the overalls it can deceitfully look fine) and tried to get him to do his infamous oh face. Sorry, mom, I just feel like smiling.
Oh there it is! Collin does this face a LOT to everyone. Ironically, I used to do the same face when I was little and my mom called it my oh! face. Like mother like son I guess.
Now, lest you think Collin is anorexic, he is not. Yes, he is small, and for some reason the angle of this picture below makes him look like he has bird legs, but they are getting a bit fatter, yes they are.
But, I absolutely LOVED his face in this so I had to include it. Love you Collin!

Johnson reunion

I am so behind on posting, but that is what summer work, trying to have a garden, and trying to feed an 11 month old as well as keep up on house stuff does to a 32 year old woman.

But, for family especially, wanted to post these cute pics of Collin in his first bounce house. They had this at the reunion, and it was SO fun for Collin. All the kids in there just bounced "soft" so he could hang out in there with his daddy.
Hey, I can bounce like you guys, I can.
Mom, this is the funnest thing!
Crawling around on air is fun too.