Random thoughts

I just got done reading a lot of my friends' blogs, and it just made me so happy to have friends like you. I don't really have any pictures to post, but Ryan and I came up to Idaho for Memorial Day weekend, and it has been so nice. At work on Friday, I had a meeting with my boss and supervisor and I got asked the question..."So, what do you want to do when this baby is born?" I knew it was coming, but it was so nice just to have them compliment me so much on how my territory and job I do, no one could do like me and they weren't putting pressure on me, but just wanted to thank me for my efforts.... and I told them the truth. I honestly don't know at this point what I'm doing after the baby comes, ideally, yes I want to stay home and learn to be a great momma, but I don't know about all of that yet.
But, Memorial Day has been fun. We went to the Idaho Falls temple, saw the new Indiana Jones movie, and I got to have my sister say I hardly look pregnant :) and be jealous... And we got to see my cousins at an all-you-can-eat pizza place and just relax. Family and friends are just great.
Happy holiday Monday to all!


Superbaby's room

So, can I just say all last week Ryan and I were working on Superbaby's room. It has been so fun!! We have been wanting to work on it for the last month, but have just been too busy. We chose the color light green to paint the walls since I didn't want everything super "blue", even though I love the color blue. We are trying to go with a rainforest/safari/animal thing but it has kind of turned into a potpourri room, but I LOVE hanging out in there now. Every day Ryan and I have to go and take a look at it, and I can't wait until we get the rocking chair in there so I can hang out in there more. We actually put together a little white bookshelf that we haven't taken pictures of yet and I started putting all my little kidlet books I have been collecting for years on it.

Also, doctor update as of today. I'm measuring 28 cm on 29 weeks, so I'm 1 cm small, but my doctor isn't too worried unless I get smaller than 1 cm behind. I gained 4 pounds so total I have gained 11 pounds, and now I get to start going every 2 weeks. YEAH!

Since Superbaby is Super, we had to put up a sign :)

Our crib and mobile

Far away shot of dresser (that I helped Ryan put together and decided I am NOT a handyman!)

Giggles is the bear that my two nieces gave Superbaby. He is from build-a-bear and he has his adoption certificate on the dresser.

This mobile is the CUTEST! The leaves go up and down around the dragon fly as it spins. Ryan and I have already tested it out.

The rug in Superbaby's room

This is a picture my sister gave me

This little turtle basket I just had to get from IKEA!

Now we just need to work on getting the other zillion things Superbaby needs :)


A better tummy picture

Hey, how is this for a kind of there tummy picture? To me, it is SO obvious, but people still can't believe I'm even pregnant :) I know I should be grateful for this.... :)

Spring and Superbaby tummy pics

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to posting pictures. This computer at the library is taking forever to download pictures and I forgot to label them, so you may not get a better tummy posting. These were pictures all taken from May 2008, when I had just hit a little over 27 weeks. I still hardly look pregnant, but in the last week since these were taken, I'm getting bigger! I'm very excited to go to the doctor this week to see how much weight I have gained. I also included some pictures of our yard, since we have worked so hard on it last year, we finally have fun flowers and every day, Ryan and I go out to take a look :) The next posting will finally be of Superbaby's room--- we painted it (okay, Ryan painted it this week) and we are working on getting that organized this weekend!

Ryan and I in our front yard

Our best flower yet, basket of gold

More front yard with some of our tulips.

Me in front yard with my new birthday planter!