New front door loveliness

We have a MUCH better new front door now, complete with window and a deadbolt. Since our other door was NOT so good, this is a wonderful excitement for us. I'll have Ryan tell the story of how we got it.
Ryan says, "Yeah, it took a lot of work. I had to go cut down the mightiest tree in all the forest (with a herring!) and fashion it using primitive tools to make it look just right. Than I went through the desert on a horse with no name and found the purest sand to melt into the beautiful glass for the window. I than traveled in my time machine back to the days of Middle Earth and traveled to the mines of Moria where I obtained some mithril which the dwarves helped me to fashion into the door handle. Than, to top it all off, Alisa’s dad and I had to install it. It was rough but nothing is too good for my Alisa."
I'm SO glad I have such a wonderful husband!


Call me Betty Crocker

So, last night was my first attempt at becoming Betty. We have two HUGE apple trees in our backyard, and the one apple tree we missed out on doing anything with because the apples got too old before we realized it. Our other tree, though we have given TONS away and eaten a lot, still had a PLETHORA (I mean, like at least hundreds) of YUMMY apples on it.

Needless to say, when I create my own world, there will be a way to preserve apples just to eat raw, like you do from the tree, but until then, I felt horrible letting all the apples go to waste. And these are DANG GOOD apples! Last week a dear friend (who had taken a plethora of apples from our tree and made lots of yummy things) offered to help me make homemade applesauce... HELLO! YES!

What I thought would be a simple project, which my friend did as well, turned out to be an almost 8 hour project, beginning at 6pm and ending with my dropping into bed at 145 am. But, (I wish I had a camera to take pictures of the whole process, but alas, still no new camera bought yet, this picture is one that I tried to find that looked closest to the applesauce I made), 15 quarts of applesauce later, and a tired body and eyes day after, I have become Betty Crocker.

By the way, the applesauce is chunky and tastes HEAVENLY! Plus, eight hours is a long time to play catch up with a dear friend. The only loss was a small stab wound in my left hand from peeling the apples. You would think we would have made a dent in it, but alas, no. We still have TONS! Apples, anyone?


Dear Colorado friends

Ryan and I last week took a trip to Denver, Colorado to visit some of his family. It was a great trip. One highlight for me was I got to have my old roommate and friend Kristalyn drive up and visit and bring her husband and little boy. We had such a great time visiting and it was just like old times, it brought back so many memories of living in The Colony at BYU (see above picture)... Kristalyn is such a dear friend, I'm SO glad we were able to get together on our short trip for a couple of hours! Man, seeing this picture of The Colony REALLY brings back some good memories.


Ava turns "two"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA! Ava got to graduate to a "big girl" bed for her birthday. She is on the bottom bed of bunk beds, and my sister has said she gets up all night long to come in her mom and dads room to say "Hi, mom!" and then goes back to her bed. She loves her new freedom. She thinks she is all grown up and stuff, after all she is two now.
Last Friday, Ava turned two years old. Here are some cute pictures from her birthday party, that I was unable to go to sadly, but when I called and wished her a happy birthday she got on the phone to tell me "I two!". I sent her an Elmo shirt for her birthday since Elmo is her thing, not princesses like Sadee. Sadee had a little bit of a hard time not getting presents herself, so she helped Ava open them :)