I have always been an early riser, and I guess Collin takes after me. Summertime FINALLY has arrived, and you think he would sleep in? Oh no, last week he was out with grandma by 710am, dressed, and doing the lawnmower. Silly Collin.
But, man he loved it.
Here is him when I said smile Collin. I LOVE this picture. He is SO happy to be out with his lawnmower at 7am.

Collin's hair cut

Our GREAT neighbor and friend down the street cut Collin's hair last week. He looks SO grown up now...and now his hair isn't crazy-mad-scientist. YEAH!

Flowering clematis

I love our clematis this year. Finally after 3 years, it is really taking beauty on by storm!

One word-lawnmower

Collin has loved lawnmowers for quite awhile. Recently, his grandma got him a bubble lawnmower. Oh my, little did she know. We do it in the garage.
Even outside when the grass is wet.
Even as I write this, he is shouting, LAWNMOWER right next to me. Guess we know what we are doing today.

Collin's first trip to Temple Square

I know...for being only 15 minutes away, how sad that we haven't taken Collin to Temple Square yet. My mom was in town last week so after work, we took a picnic and walked around. We really liked the Salt Lake temple model they have, but Collin only lasted there for 2 minutes. Overall, he enjoyed it, but mostly wanted to run around :)
This was us chasing after Collin...
Just a cute picture.

Collin's first trip to the zoo

The one nice day we were in Idaho, we went to the Idaho Falls Zoo...right during Collin's nap time, but he LOVED it. Once he got out of the stroller though, not so much success in getting him back in...He loved the petting zoo. No fear of the goats, like any animal. Just walked up and said "hi".
Sadee tried to be as brave as him, but not quite. She did get quite scared when Collin "ate" a piece of the goat food....but we got it out okay. PHEW!
They had a little play area, we took pictures.

Ava loved this little egg.
Collin was tired of pictures by this time. HIs favorite animal? The flamingos...probably because they were SO loud :)
But, we did have so much fun at the zoo.
I thought the tigers were the coolest.
Thanks for letting us come to the zoo!

Time in Idaho

A couple of weeks ago, Collin and I spent a week in Idaho. The weather was yucky most of the time, but we got to go see swimming lessongs. My, how memories return. I learned all about ham sandwich, soldier, fishie, fishie, etc.
Sadee also (afterwards one day I stayed and got in the pool with them) taught me all she knows about swimming, which apparently is now everything.
She tried to show me how to backfloat...it was too funny.
Considering at one time, these girls were so scared to get in the water, they have come a long way.
We also went to a couple of Sadee's t-ball games.
Ava and I hanging out on the stairs before a game.
Being silly with sunglasses.
Love that Sadee lost another tooth while I was there. This picture it's like THERE IS THE HOLE!
Watching t=ball is so funny. Half the time no one knows what they are doing, but then once in awhile, a great move happens. Sadee running for home.
Batting, but not watching the ball :) gotta love those. It was great fun!

Morning before church.0

Yes, I have totally slacked on the blog since summer began. I guess we are too busy out partying. Here is Collin a few weeks ago before church...and needing a haircut!


Utah Museum of Natural History

Last night for family night, we went to the Utah Museum of Natural History. I just found out the first Monday of each night is free and they are open until 8pm...so I figured, even if we only made it 20 minutes, it's free. It is a very old museum and not very big. This was a little teepee in the anthropology unit.
In the fossil section. By the way, this is how Collin smiles when you tell him smile, squinty eyes and everything. He liked the fossils.
But, you should have seen the number of WHOAS we heard from Collin when we saw this big guy. Collin REALLY liked all the dinosaur things...but I figured he would. He's a boy.
We also tried out this little cabin. Collin of course didn't want to stay in it when I wanted a picture.
I would have to say though, Collin's favorite section was the "bugs alive" section, or something like that. All these stuffed animals from the wild....and anything and everything that looked like a kitty (fox, badger, coyote, mountain lion), it was too funny. Kitty was EVERYWHERE.
Overall we had a great time, and lasted almost an hour.... I'm not sure in my opinion, at least for someone Collin's age, it's worth the price of admission but in 2010, every first Monday of the month is free, and it was a very fun family outing.