Excited for Halloween
 Even more excited! Once she caught on to what trick or treating is, she was not wanting to stop or sit still in her little witch costume with her little ghost bag.

 Collin went as Harry Potter playing Quidittch. Yeah all of that is candy.

 Liam went as a dementor.

 School pics.
 Decoding at the library.
 Weekly zoo visit was fun with the baby Orangutan

 We love the swimming otters!

More fun October times :)

 Took the kiddos to In N Out for lunch during fall break. I didn't even see Collin eat his hamburger he ate it so fast.
 It was so warm one day I broke out popsicles.
 My sister and niece came down to run in a half marathon. They had grim reapers running around, this costume was awesome, and huge!
 Had a headless horseman.

 We played at the park for awhile afterwards.

 Evelyn is now obsessed with sitting at the island.

 This was a great zoo morning. The lions were chasing each other and wrestling. It was super fun to watch.

More October fun and witches at Gardner Village

 Check out this hair!
 More zoo nights. Liam loved looking at all the lights they put up for Halloween Boo Lights.

 Chasing a peacock

 Liam wrote this on his homework. SO cute!
 Hey actual hair done on a non-Sunday!
 Over fall break we went to a fun puppet show at the library called the Haunted Forest. He got to help out with a little story ahead of time.

 Super fun at the witches. Evelyn did NOT like having to stay in the stroller, but she had to due to so many people there! My that place has gotten so busy in October since the last time we went.

Our favorite! The nasty hot dog witch! We hadn't seen her for awhile.