Pumpkin making

 It's that time of year that Ryan's pumpkin patch is going full out. He pollinates the pumpkins himself. So far, I think we are up to 14ish. Not all survive, but the girls got to see how it is done.

Here Collin is helping Daddy. Pumpkins are a big deal at our house. Thanks SO much for all the fun memories Sadee and Ava and Grandma!

Planet Play and ice cream

 The new thing? Building a fire pit on the front sidewalk.
 We went to lunch at the park a couple days. One day Grandma treated everyone to Burger King ice cream cones. Big hit that ice cream.

 That afternoon/evening, we went to a place called Planet Play, which is now All Star Lanes. They had a pizza buffet, and then we got so much money to play games and ride rides and do arcades.
 The itty bitty cars were fun to ride, though they were more for like 1-2 year olds.

 They had mini bowling, mini golf (cool light up in the dark course) that was really cute, laser tag, and bumper cars. The girls and Ryan and Collin played 2 rounds of laser tag. They thought that was awesome.

 The arcade games were fun too. They even had little games that Liam could play. He loved pushing down these Batman enemies. What a fun week!

Day 2 visit-Jungle Jim's

 I know....what follows is a zillion pictures of rides.....but this place was so fun! For my vote above Hollywood Connection, because the air conditioning worked, Liam could ride all the rides, and it was lighter and cleaner.
 The best part? Sadee helped Liam get on all the rides and Ava helped Collin, so I got to relax more! WAHOO! Swings never get old. They rode on these about 10 million times.
 Jungle Jim's is definitely built for littler kids, but Sadee and Ava still had a great time.

 This carousel ride was a favorite because it went faster the girls told me. Not sure what that meant, but it was different than a normal one.

 I thought we would stay here just a couple hours, no, try 5-6 hours. Yes, and they still didn't want to leave. And after about 4pm, there were hardly ANY kids there..... so no waits on the rides. There was very little waits before. I asked the workers about that, she said the winter is CRAZY there.

 Riding jungle safari cars.

 With our discount passes, we also got a slice of dessert pizza at the place next door. Perfect snack. Sadee got normal pizza.

 Ava was the only one brave enough to ride the roller coaster. Until I rode with Liam. That kid....seriously, no fear. He LOVED it. Had my tummy been stronger, he would have ridden it tons, but it went a little too fast for Ava to handle Liam on the ride, so I had to be the rider.
 And unlike Hollywood Connection, Liam got to ride the bumper cars! WAHOO!

 They had a huge soft toy area as well.
 Definitely need to visit this place again. Very fun.


Hollywood Connection

 After the zoo, we went to Hollywood Connection. We took the girls there last summer and they have remembered and talked about it for A YEAR. Thanks to discount passes we got to go again.
 Another carousel. We love those things.

 It was slightly chaotic in there, and the air conditioning wasn't working great (read middle school kid bodies sweating tons), so it was somewhat challenging keeping track of Liam. This is not a surprise, just challenging, but he loved this little play place that kept him contained. He couldn't ride on some of the rides.
 Playing around in the arcades.

 This year, Collin was big enough to go on the bumper cars. That as a huge hit. Liam had a meltdown since he couldn't go. Sorry Liam, grow and you can :)

This is such a classic Collin face. Charge at 'em!

Sadee and Ava visit the zoo with us

 Thanks to our SUPER nice neighbor that can get a ton of people in just for paying his gas to drive to the zoo, last week, Sadee and Ava got to visit our favorite place, the zoo.
 It was different going to the zoo with them, and we didn't stay nearly as long as we normally do, but it was so fun to see Collin and Liam be so excited to share their favorite parts.
 The best was when they said, wow, you guys have a huge zoo, and tons of new animals.

 Had to show them the bald eagle nest and the tunnel log.

 The polar bear was swimming, so they thought that was awesome how she came right up to the glass. If you haven't seen it, it's awesome.

 These cool drummers put on a show before the elephant show.

 And of course had to show them the bird show.
 Grandma got everybody tickets to ride the carousel for the first time ever for my boys, big hit there. I didn't get a picture of Collin riding the bald eagle, but thank GOODNESS it was available or Collin may have had a meltdown.

Thanks for coming to our favorite place with us girls!