Light saber battles

 Complete with sound effects, always by the pumpkin patch.

 This happens a lot with the boys in our family. Since we now have 3 light sabers, everyone can fight. Collin keeps telling me I need to get a pink one since I'm a girl.

Natural History Museum

 We LOVE the library. For completing the summer reading program, you got a ticket to visit the Utah Museum of Natural History. I had no idea it had been relocated and is MUCH larger and way more cool and nice. So, one day we went up there on one of the free ticket days. Who doesn't love dinosaurs?
 You got to make these cool dino hats right at the entrance.

 Our flash wasn't working well, but the dinosaurs were cool.
 Digging for fossils in the dinosaurs was even more cool. They also had a larger area outside to dig.
 They had a special exhibit upstairs that I would love to go back to sin kids. It was all about natural disasters and how they affect people. Collin and Liam LOVED where you could create your own volcano.

 And of course we have to get eaten by a dinosaur.

Thanksgiving Point and visiting Ryan for his birthday

The last Tuesday in August we finally got down to Thanksgiving Point for $2 Tuesday. Normally we go every Tuesday but we must have been too busy this summer. We went to the farm. Saw lots of fun animals, including a chicken with no feathers. That was quite a sight! We also got a sundae at the ice cream shop (a first) and then went and visited Ryan on his birthday during lunch and played with him outside on the lawn. It was a very busy day. We still loved the horsey and tractor ride and the little room where you get to pretend play on the farm. It was a fun day!

Handsome Liam

 I just fell in love with Liam all over again this Sunday morning before church. Seriously. love.

Collin's first day of Miss' Karen's preschool and making our own pumpkin patch

 Here was Collin's first day of Miss Karen's preschool. We decided to "redshirt" this year, even though his birthday was in August and he could have gone to kindergarten. Good decision.

 One night (don't we love Collin's fashion sense), Ryan had trimmed some of the pumpkin patch and Collin was making his own pumpkin patch with the yellow tomatoes. It was really cute.

 Each little vine had a pumpkin. Like father like son I guess.
 And then there was Optimus.


Science experiments and the boys get haircuts

 Our last day in Idaho we went to parks to play on and did a "tour" of parks.
 Since we had watched Sadee and Ava at a jumprope clinic, Liam because obsessed about "jumparope". It was too funny to hear him say and he hauled around a jumprope and the the jumprope bag all afternoon.

 Grandpa got Collin a collection of cool science experiments for his birthday. That afternoon we did the first one, make a volcano.

 All the girls and their friends came in. It was quite exciting!
 These next few pictures are from back home. I finally got the boys' haircuts after going all summer without one. These are the funniest pictures of Liam when I said let me take your picture. Yes, he is in his pajamas, but he is the cutest kid ever in these pictures.

 Finally a semi-normal smile :)

 Too bad they are in pajamas. We have semi both smiles and eyes open. Yeah for haircuts!