End of February pictures

 So the last week and halfish of February, Evelyn came down with croup. Not bad enough for any treatments, but enough that her personality was dead for quite awhile and miserable. Even this smile above is not her normal self.
 I think she is getting on the mend now, but hanging out on the bed with mommy.
 This was Liam being Captain America. It's actually one of my favorite pictures of him, minus the sucker left on his face :).
 This was after Collin did a WONDERFUL gift of cleaning the basement, his room, and setting the table without telling me! WAHOO! It was a happy mommy moment.
Evelyn still feeling under the weather, but at least she has a partial smile. I miss her go-with-the-flow spirit. Here is to it coming back soon!


 I got some discounted tickets to Boondocks last fall and we finally had a Saturday Ryan wasn't working that we went. Evelyn was a bit sick, but she just stayed in the stroller with me. These first few pictures make me laugh because I kept trying to catch a picture of Liam and Ryan riding the go-carts. Liam was so short you would mostly only ever see his little hand sticking out :)

 There it is the hand!

 Collin also got to ride and he is taller so we got more of his hand and body ha ha.

 Waiting in line to play laser tag. We got there right as it opened and I was glad because it definitely got busier as the afternoon wore on.
 Playing the shoot cowboy game in the theater.

 Playing in the jungle area.
Redeeming tickets. Always a huge hit!

Random February pictures

 Hanging out in jammers.
 Finally a selfie without Evelyn's staredown! A smirk.

 Liam checking out the crockeses in bloom in early February. Crazy.
 Evelyn started getting sick the week after Valentines Day. Not so fun.

But she could still issue a smile sometimes.

Lava Hot Springs

 Ryan ended up working president's day so I drove the kiddos a couple hours north to Lava Hot Springs, which we had never been to. We met Sadee, Ava, Auntie Kari, Grandma and Grandpa and had lots of fun.
 Most of the hot pools were too deep for Liam to walk around by himself, so I had to hold him. It was so funny, he called them the "grownup pools" because they were boring. They felt so nice.

 A train passed by overhead.
 Evelyn was too little to get in the hot pools so she hung out with Aunti Kari on walks.
 But check this cutie out! She got her swimming suit for her first time swimming in the indoor pool.

 She LOVED swimming. This was such a fun little kid area, perfect for my kids. And the water was like bath water, so VERY warm, a must for us.

 Evelyn just splashed away.

 Liam loved these little fountain things.

Even though it made for a long travel day (at least for us) it was really, really fun!