Easter 2016

 Don't mind us taking a zillion photos in an attempt to get one decent picture of all kids looking and smiling at the camera.
 Evelyn and her crazy hair hunting for a few tiny eggs.

 Oh this may be kind of okay.

 Here was the best one.

 Classic pic above, Collin pulling a silly face, Evelyn doing the "scrunchy" face, and Liam smiling off at someone who knows where.

 Evelyn was done with pictures.

 Collin's eyes are very versatile!

Spring break quick trip to Idaho

 Went for a couple of days during spring break to Idaho since Sadee and Ava had some of the same days off. Grandpa helped Evelyn go walking up and down the stairs the first afternoon we were there. She wanted to never stop doing that.
 Went to our favorite place to go swimming the Colettes.
 This picture of Grandma and Evelyn is so sweet.

 We also got to go to open gym at Ava's gymnastic place. Liam had a BALL! His legs got a little bit of foam burn but he thought it was tons of fun.

 Collin enjoyed running down like a flash into the pit. Even the head lady said he is fast. He is.

 We also went to our first official "egg hunt" that Saturday morning. liam forgot his coat, but they scored on the candy.

 Opening the eggs for the loot.
Trying to get a decent picture of Evelyn for the grandparents wall was tricky. She doesn't stay still.

St. Patricks Day and other fun times

 Being O'Berrys we have to look the part on this day.
 Trying to get everyone to smile and look at the camera is a nearly impossible feat I have decided.

 Evelyn recruits Liam to help organize her drawer unloading.
 I got out the Easter books and Liam and Evelyn read quietly during laundry. YEAH!

 Evelyn drawing INTENTLY.
 Liam building a plane out of a cereal box. He was very hard working. Serious determination on that face.

 Evelyn doing exercises outside. good stair down climbing for her.

 In case anyone didn't know, Evelyn is my daughter. The pic above is me a couple months older than Evelyn now. But check it out, even the same hairstyle! But definitely same facial features, geesh!

 Evelyn moves up a level in organizing and finds the sticker and coloring books.
We made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and forever more an incident about learning how to love my children more ensued on this day. I'm going to call it the truffle parable. This is mostly for future reference in journaling for me.