More Christmas advent activities

 The advent this year is a little more low key for a variety of reasons. We did go to Gardner Village this past weekend.

 Nobody's name was on the nice or naughty list yet :) Phew!

 Liam's advent request this year was to make gingerbread houses. He made some at school last week and wanted to do more. He ended up making a magic park and candy road.

 Collin's was some kind of candy fest, so yeah, it didn't end up being any kind of house. Mostly he just wants to eat the candy.
 Random fun pictures.

 Overloaded tree. Stimulation galore!
 This is the first year we went up to the German Christmas Market at This is the Place one Saturday afternoon. It was SUPER cold, but I really enjoyed it. Evelyn got tired of being forced to stay in the stroller since there was a lot of people. But they sold Spain licorice there. REGALIZ! It was awesome. We also got some traditional German food and treats.

Ryan made a temple with his Gingerbread House. 

The one that looks like a house is the one that Liam made at school. It's pretty cool. They used milk cartons. GREAT for building houses for future reference.

Starting to think about Christmas

 So I know it's time for Christmas when the boys start pretending to be elves in Santa's workshop, with the elf gear on.

 Liam had an incident with his eye and the island. Luckily, mostly goose egg, small cut.
 Getting packages ready.

 Our first Christmas tree picture. Evelyn wearing her tall boots like mommy. She was so proud of herself.
 Couldn't decide which picture was cutest so I am posting them all.
 Collin looks so tall in these, like gigantic tall.

 Building Santa sleighs from boxes.

 Snow zoo days.

 Look at this suit guy!
Whenever I take a picture of anyone else, Evelyn always says "take a picture mom" then does this pose and smiles.

First real snow of 2016 and more weekly zoo visits

 I still have been taking Liam and Evelyn to the zoo one morning each week. Now that it is colder lots of times we have the zoo to ourselves. Here was the grizzly bear all up close!

 First real snow of the season. It was only a couple of inches, but super fun to play in. Evelyn liked it once she got all the snow gear on. .

 One day a snake was eating a rat. Gross.

Evelyn loves the little skunk.

 Collin came with us when we went the day before Thanksgiving since he didn't have school. It was such nice weather. And they loved taking Evelyn down the bridges.



 Excited for Halloween
 Even more excited! Once she caught on to what trick or treating is, she was not wanting to stop or sit still in her little witch costume with her little ghost bag.

 Collin went as Harry Potter playing Quidittch. Yeah all of that is candy.

 Liam went as a dementor.

 School pics.
 Decoding at the library.
 Weekly zoo visit was fun with the baby Orangutan

 We love the swimming otters!