Baby brother is here!

Well, little Liam Joseph O'Berry is here! YEAH! He actually came 4 days before my due date (totally thinking I was going late like Collin), and boy did he show us who was boss. I didn't feel my first contraction until about 5pm, and he was born at 644 pm. Needless to say, in that short amount of time, we almost didn't make it to the hospital, a different doctor had to deliver him, and no epidural. But, we are so glad he is here! Collin has been SO excited to meet "baby brother". Here is their first, and definitely not last, picture together.
Collin is always saying "he has a lot of hair on there" and "he has a nose like me" to Liam. It is so cute.
It felt so surreal to have such a fast, intense experience. We didn't even get our camera out until after he has here for 2 hours. This picture is from the day after.
This picture I feel like he looks like Collin....but he looks somewhat different to me as well.
Sleeping...so far he sleeps....a lot, except at night, but what can you expect from someone that made a grand entrance in about an hour or less time of pain? :)
We are so glad you are here Liam! You are so cute and fun to be around already!


Football fan

Grandma got these cute football slippers for Collin. I just liked the picture.

Christmas Day 2010

These pictures are a little bit out of order in sequence of events, and granted, I didn't take near enough, but still wanted to do a post about Christmas. Sadee and her "tangled" hair in all its glory. Seriously, that hair is craziness waiting to happen. It made me happy I just have boys.
Ava was more my style. She got a remote control Strawberry Shortcake car. Collin got a little remote car too, so they had a HEY DAY zooming those cars around.
Stockings were/are always a big deal with me.
And every year, including this one, my dad/grandpa, always says Santa didn't come.... and then goes to get the stockings.
The funniest thing in the girls' stockings.
Collin hanging out with grandpa on the bed. We always have to open the stockings by a big bed.
Collin was most excited about this "treats". That's all he wanted Santa to bring him..."treats". Peanut butter M&Ms are his favorite.
Santa also brought him a race car track, which was very fun. And a couple of big trucks, also fun.

He got some other fun toys. Every time he went to open a gift, it was too funny. We would hear him yelling "ITS....ITS....ITS" and then silence once it was opened.
The thing that was the most fun, even though the wheels have issues, was this gift from my sister.... from a long afar ago time. It doesn't go super well, but Collin loves to sit on this little motorcycle. We had such a fun Christmas this year!

Christmas Eve 2010

We went up to Idaho for Christmas this year for a few days. It was so fun to be around Sadee and Ava, and they sure loved Collin. Fun picture before our Christmas Eve dinner.

Tradition continues. When we go take a drive to look at the lights, an elf brings a present. Collin got some "carry along" books, tractor, emergency, and train. He LOVED them of course.

He would not put the books down to see anyone else open the elf present.

Sadee and Ava got the new tangled barbie doll. They are ALL about Tangled this year.
This is what a girl would look like in our household. I guess if you play with girls who love to dress up, they dress up boys. Even though I was like, come on guys, Collin made a cute girl :)

The "big" TV

Ryan's dad made this the best Christmas ever. For many many moons, Ryan has wanted a big TV... we have made do with other tvs, but his dad got him a big TV. I don't know all the "cool" features about it, but... Collin and I had a fun time wrapping it up and planning a scavenger hunt so he could find it.
That night, Ryan was so excited. It was fun to see him so excited. And I do enjoy the TV myself as well.

Elves at Gardner Village

Yes, so I'm so behind. Even though it's a new year, these are from December 2010. We went and saw the elves at Gardner Village one day. It was fun. We love to walk around there.
Obviously, our camera still has issues staying non-blurry, but oh well. Collin and I's name wasn't on the naughty list...
but Ryan's was, right next to naughty. Collin now often says "I'm on the naughty list". It's too funny.