Co-op food

I know, I only post these pictures for my own benefit, so I remember what I get when I order from the co-op. All of this for 15.00! YEAH!
1 bunch celery
1 HUGE head of lettuce
4 oranges
9 bananas
4 pimelos (never tried these before, but yummy!)
10 little yams
3 bags mini carrots
8 apples
1 bunch broccoli
5 pears
1 butternut squash
1 grape tomatoes

The penguin is our friend...again

Some of you may recognize "said" Penguin below. Collin got it as a gift awhile ago, but it has become an "enemy" for sometime....especially when the music is on. He gets freaked out and runs away. Most recently though, he has decided he is friends with Mr. Penguin, thus named by his mommy. As LONG as the music is off, he gives it loves,...
Can haul it around which he thinks he is so cool...
Taps it on the head and pulls its hair...
Tries to feed it food? Apparently, from the baby food grinder... I'm just glad he has some kind of friend to play with sometimes! I keep thinking one of these days, I will attempt the music again. Maybe.
Collin also thinks he is so cool with his puzzle. He takes all the pieces out, puts the outside two in, then stands in the middle pieces, usually with his hands up, just not for pictures.
It sure is fun staying home with his adventures!


18 months and family pictures

So, I haven't been to take Collin's 18 month old pictures yet, so I took a couple this past weekend, a little past 18 months old. I got him wearing his "dapper" new church shoes, with a slick bottom, which posed some problems on the tile and hardwood floors in our house. Collin and Mommy....not to self, this is the dress I haven't been able to wear since before being pregnant with Collin due to needing a new zipper. Thanks to my wonderful neighbor, now I can!
My two handsome boys.

Coupony deal

It's been awhile since I have needed to buy diapers or anything....but I am getting low, so I went to Walgreens last week, and wanted to record my good deal for my posterity. I got all of this basically for $4.22. I did use a 3 RR from a previous transaction. I also have 6 RR now to spend, so I basically made money for buying diapers. WHO KNEW?

Grandpa Collin and bigger carseats

So, Collin has needed a new car seat for quite awhile now. Yes, he barely hits the 20 pounds sometimes, but he has DEFINITELY outgrown his baby one. Finally last week I braved chasing Collin around Target and got it. YEAH!
Ryan installed it and we went for a drive just to test it out.
For the most part he loves it. Now when I say we are going out to see doggies and cars, he CAN see them :)
He likes looking out the window. Below are pictures of Grandpa Collin, lovingly we call him that when his pants keep falling down so we have to resort to drastic measures to keep them up.
Love you Colli

Meet Spiky

I finally was able to get Collin's hair into a little spike. His hair is so fine, that it doesn't stay very well.... Plus, he is always putting food in his hair. Joys.


I'm a big boy now!

Collin has needed a "real" haircut for who knows how long now...a LONG time. Not that we didn't love his other hair, but it was always crazy looking and would get snarls in the back, and so today was the day. Since I am just at home now, I can take him to the beauty school down the street, where haircuts are FAST and CHEAP, a plus in my book. He didn't really like sitting in the chair, and he was having NONE of that cape thing, so we got hair ALL OVER...literally, me and him. Luckily, I brought a couple of Red Vines to get him to stay still.
And 25 minutes later, and a bit of running around without his shirt on, we were done. He looks SO grown up now, and so cute.
And this afternoon it was warm enough we got to go "swing" and also go on a walk.
I am SO SO lovin' this staying at home thing!



So, many may know for basically the last year and a half, I have had to leave Collin to go to work. Granted, he was staying at home with his daddy (since Ryan got laid off), but it has been a serious challenge. As of February 3rd, I am SOOO happy to announce, as some people have called it, I am now a SAHM, stay at home mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And though I will really miss working at the Red Cross, my heart is just right where it needs to be. My last day at work, my boss gave me this beautiful plaque, and then they gave me a SAHM basket, full of fun and wonderful things that I have already used a lot of. All of us especially love the Baby Mine CD. JaLae, A HIT!Anyways, it is so fun to watch Collin run around the neighborhood, go to storytime at the library, get muddy outside, and most of all not have to rush around in the mornings and evenings trying to get ready for work. Most of all, we are SO happy his daddy got a job that is good for our family so I can stay home. Yeah for SAHM!

Sadee and Ava visit

Recently, Sadee and Ava came down to visit us. We got to go swim at this VERY cool swimming place in Lehi, and then they came to church with me. Sadee wanted to wear my fake pearl necklace and wear her hair in a bun. She really looked like a ballerina. I sure love these cute little girls!
Thanks for coming to visit us!

The last few weeks

Yes, I have slacked as a blogger...so this post is kind of my overall entry for the last few weeks Nothing new here, Collin LOVES hanging out in the recycle box. He can now get in (and sometimes out if he puts his mind to it) regularly.
Recently before church.
Collin got some cool lego blocks for Christmas from his cousins Declan and Corin. He is a HUGE fan. This was a big block his daddy made, and as you can see Collin was very excited. Then he destroyed it.
I just thought this picture was so funny, Collin stared at the big TV ads recently....
Yes, more pictures of the box.
He also loves to "hammer" the side of the box. He goes and gets his hammer and starts hammering away.
Recently, Collin got to have a balloon... I hate balloons, but I must not have passed this along to Collin.
Recently, I also did a co-op thing, so I wanted to take a picture, since this blog has kind of become a journal for me. I got all of this for 15.00! WAHOO!
This is a better picture of the huge goosegg from awhile ago.
As you can see, we do the same old things, so what's a few weeks without posting? HA HA



Even little toddlers need to get sleep on the run sometimes!