Thankful for dentistry

So…. I have never really been grateful for dentists until today.

This afternoon I visited my dentist for the first time ever….for actual pain. Saturday night I developed (while on a date movie night at home with my husband and a pumpkin pie shake and even up past my bedtime of 10pm) some SERIOUS pain in my lower right side of my mouth. Yes, I know I’m a wimp for pain, but this was some serious pain, and I was on a date! I didn’t shed tears, but only because I was very brave. I took some Advil and tried to sleep.

Sunday morning bright and early my mouth felt better…. But not for long. Anytime I ate anything, the pain returned with a VENGEANCE. I managed to handle Stake Conference (Elder Hinckley said some wonderful things), but other than that, I couldn’t really eat my great Sunday dinner (bistro chicken anyone?) and I can’t even explain, but my mouth was just in pain. My husband kept telling me to call my dentist at home since it was an emergency, but I was trying to tough it out, and figured maybe it was just a one day thing. I read up on the Internet and tried to self-diagnose myself....yeah right, most things I had 1-2 symptoms but not others.

Monday morning….Collin slept through the night WAHOO and then I went to the gym at 5 like I regularly do (and lost 3 pounds due to not really eating Sunday), but in the middle of the workout….PAIN. So I came home, heated up a rice baby (bag with rice in it) and put it on my mouth and called my dentist at 8am….and went to work.

115pm Monday afternoon, my dentist gives me the blow. I won’t bore you with all my dentistry talk here, but needless to say a PINPRICK of nerve had been exposed 6 YEARS ago and that was causing my pain. (Alma 37:6 comes to mind, in a NOT great way) My dentist started putting numbing medicine on and WHOA….here I am starting the root canal/crown process. YUCK! But, for also the first time at my dentist, the laughing gas….worked. I relaxed to a whole new level while my pulpy roots were drilled out…. And got a free chocolate cookie out of it. The good news is insurance pays 60 percent of my crown instead of 50 percent, and I get three more visits to the dentist in December (Merry Christmas to me) and I’m looking forward to three more chocolate cookies :)


The Big Game

You can tell who we are rooting for today.


Being frugal

Random post here. I'd like to consider myself a frugal person....but lately I have been feeling inspired and encouraged to look for more ways to save time/money or anything else that helps make living "in the world" easier....so I'm asking for your ideas. By no means feel pressure to contribute, but if you have any amazing things you do to save money or be frugal (no matter how crazy) pass along here!



I had to steal and post this picture from Auntie Shanna. This is 3 month Collin with his 7 month cousin Kyle. It is SUCH a classic picture of their personalities.... Kyle the ever-smiler and Collin the ever-serious-in-public face.... I do have to say eventually Grandma Norberg and Auntie Phyllis got to see Collin's smiles after everyone else left. Figures.... he likes to be the center of attention I guess!


Collin comparison

I have been wanting to do a comparison shot of Collin for awhile. The top picture is of him at 3 weeks old. The lower one is him at 14 weeks old....even though he is much bigger, (and I tried to duplicate the pose), he still doesn't look THAT much bigger...I should have taken off his jeans. His 3 week chicken legs are DEFINITELY not as chickeny now :)

I just took this picture of Collin tonight. Lately, he just wants to talk and talk and talk....he was in the swing for a half hour just talking away in his language....it was so fun!

A good Sunday

A good Sunday, no great, is when your husband tells you, "I'm making dinner"....
And makes one of the new meals you have been wanting to try out... And this is the result....three cheese chicken penne pasta bake.... it seriously tasted like it came from Macaroni Grill....but WAY better and cheaper. Thanks sweetie!


Strange People Sightings

There are some VERY strange people in the world….

This week, I was at an event at a movie theater that was being held in conjunction with the Twilight movie. Yes, I have read the books, but no, I’m not a HUGE fan like everyone else I know. But, that’s not what this post is about.

My job sometimes presents opportunities for me to meet people “I would never ever get in contact with” normally…and yesterday proved that to be true. There were several very interesting people like this at the event, but there were two highlights. My coworker and I had forgotten about it in the evening, but then I told him I HAD to do a post about it.

1. Iraq/Iran man. This was a gentleman that looked like he could be 20 years old, but told us he was 39. He had also recently retired from the navy. He also told us this amazing skit that he had in his head for SNL someday, that included locking people up and other weird things that I seem to have blocked from my mind at the moment, but it was disturbing. Plus, the thing I remember most about him is that he was one of those people that just keep talking and talking and don’t really realize that maybe people don’t really care/want/need to hear what you have to say. These people just like to hear themselves talk….but they aren’t funny/they are weird/creepy. It's like they throw up words to anyone who will listen and don't have tact (for lack of better word) to know when to stop....and they say WEIRD things! Anyways, I’m sure he is a very nice person, but just strange.

2. More disturbingly, gentleman number two. Gun manbag man. As my coworker and I were sitting at a table, a gentleman came in through the outside doors across the way with a lady friend, and came over to the events host we were with and asked him if he worked here. So, the events host went over and talked to him across the way, but here was basically the conversation.
“I just noticed that sign that says no weapons allowed. I have a weapon.”
Events host says something that we couldn’t hear.
As gun manbag man and lady friend were walking away, my coworker said he heard gun manbag man say he had a concealed weapons permit….etc….yeah, right I thought.
A few minutes later we saw gunmanbag man walking out the door with the manbag (that now we knew had A GUN PROBABLY! In it) and came bag in without the man bag.

Anyways, how weird you say? Weird…. I know no one probably cares about this story, but still strange. Another strange thing is manbags, but that may be for another post.


Collin is 3 months old

Collin turned 3 months old a few days ago...I can't BELIEVE it. In my scientific measuring system, he weighs 13 pounds (25th percentile) and is 23.5 inches long (10th percentile) at least according to a Web site online. The picture below was taken after the 3 blowout hour (see previous post)...
Here Collin is at 3 months old. I tried so hard to get him to smile, but alas....no...and this outfit was SO cute on him, but the colors didn't turn out so great on my camera. Happy 3 month birthday Collin!


One Hour

Who knew that a little cute baby boy named Collin could not only eat his "milkshake" dinner (what I call nursing lately), have three blowouts (that included three outfit changes) and a bath in the same hour, all with totally complete happy smiles? Then again, most of you probably know that already :) if you have had children already...
I just like to think I'm just getting more multi-tasked as a mom, and apparently like mother like son!


Deep freezer heaven

Can I just saw how much I love our new deep freezer? I have wanted one for the longest time and we recently were able to get one. Here are the reasons I love it.

1. I was able to store all of Collin's breast milk I have pumped so far and stuffed into our little freezer in our fridge and it automatically went from being able to be stored from 3-4 months to 6 months! WAHOO! All 125 plus bags went into the deep freezer and we have so much space now in our fridge freezer, it is heaven.

2. I am FINALLY able to buy "bulk" things when they go on sale that require freezer storage. I just went and bought three packs of chicken on SUPER SALE and got to put them out in the freezer. I can't wait until I can do this with hamburger!

3. I just feel like we have finally become a "true family" now that we have more than one food storage facility.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my joys of the deep freezer people. It is GREAT! Makes me want to go out and buy only freezer food, and when those ice creams go on sale for $1 at Smiths, I'm TOTALLY stocking up now!


Perfect baby Halloween book

This book is the BEST Halloween book ever.... at least for little babies. Collin seriously LOVES this book and cooed at it (like he wanted to talk to it, it was so cute) all the time during October. I may have to keep reading it even into November and December. I did get a couple more of Felicia Bond (illustrator) books from the library, but I think Collin likes this one best.



So, ever since Collin was born, I have been trying to find a "family theme" idea for us to do...which is somewhat challenging with an itty bitty baby boop. So....my sister found a cute idea on Martha Stewart of a spiderweb and baby....so here is our much simplified version.
Collin conked out about an hour into the trick or treaters coming to our house, so this was one of the few pictures where he was awake.
This is a hilarious picture of him in the bouncer with all his legs.
Spider laughing
Mommy and baby spider. My "web" only lasted about an hour as well, then it started coming off in a bad way.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We sure did!