Halloween 2011

Yes, I love how I am getting around to finally posting about Halloween in the new year. Our ward has a neighborhood kid party for Halloween with little games and things. Collin was very excited to go. He was a dinosaur hatching out of an egg.
It especially looked cute to see him walking around with his little egg wobbling. Pictures don't do it justice.
Playing games was fun.
Liam was a pea in a pod. But, he didn't really want to stay still....more like crawl around everywhere.
The cupcake walk was a favorite.

As well as the donut eating. Yeah for Halloween!

Preschool zoo trip October 2011

Collin's little preschool went to the zoo back in October and I got to be a "helper" mom. Granted, Collin has been to the zoo before, but it's been awhile. He got to ride in a fun little wagon.
Looking at the animals
Where do we go next?
Collin was a little scared of this elephant that blew air....but he LOVED to see the elephants eat.
And who knew giraffe's have blue tongues? I promise....they do!
We saw this one stick out his tongue and it was indeed blue! We had so much fun!


Going to see the Witches at Gardner Village

Sadee and Ava came into town also in October for a visit, and we went to see the witches at Gardner Village. We bought treats to eat while we were there.
Of course, Collin is in his "I don't want my picture taken".
The hula hoop was a favorite of the girls.
Brianne was nice to carry Collin for awhile.
Liam, unfortunately, was sick.... he ended up being diagnosed with a double ear infection later that night.... poor baby...
Playing the piano
More pictures...
That night while at Jeff and Brianne's apartment, they played doctor and nurse. Too funny....since Brianne really is a nurse :)

Discovery Museum

Yes, once again I'm behind. Back in October, my parents came into town and took us to the Discovery Childrens Museum. SO FUN!
Collin LOVED (like this was a surprise to me) the building and construction section. You could build things and stack things, all things boy.
I just made this big stack tumble down!
Liam just liked playing on the cars.
Or eating the food on the farm...
Collin riding the big horse
This picture just makes me laugh so hard. SUCH a perfect display of our two boys' personalities.
Liam destroying the blocks upstairs.
Liam LOVED this little thing on the wall in the little little people section.
Dress up bird
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to such a fun place!
We will have to go again soon!