Kitchen remodel the cabinet doors come on and the fridge returns to a new home

 This was the day all the cabinet doors got put on. WAHOO! Look at all that space!

 The floor also got finished this day. The entry way is now one complete floor which makes a HUGE difference in how much space we have for some reason.

 Living room floor done.
 This was quite a project moving the fridge back. Thank goodness for our awesome neighbor who just "happened" to be home and have a big dolly for us to borrow.

 These pictures don't do it justice, it was quite the undertaking. Really. Really.

 And there it goes inside....
 Liam is cleaning the vent apparently.

 The fridge in it's new home finally. And how nice to have the fridge back in the kitchen!
 All the cabinets are installed and there was crown moulding for the tops which was a nice surprise. Now they really look cool.

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