Gardner Village and hanging pumpkins

 SO these are a bit out of order, but this morning we went to see the Witches at Gardner Village.
 Collin was wanting his picture taken in lots of random places.
 The token "mom" picture Collin takes everywhere we go.
 Insert of the hanging pumpkin Mooler had us make. BIG hit once we sat down and actually made it. We will see if it survives more than 1 day hanging up in Collin's place of choosing and VERY accessible to Liam.

 Collin's favorite witch....the one with the "nasty hot dog".

 Liam loved pointing out the witches. I tried so hard to get him to say witch...alas, no.
 He is smiling right now at this hula hoop witch....I think that was his favorite.

Random Octoberness

 Most mornings, Collin will go in and start reading Liam some stories. This was just a really cute picture of them both VERY early one morning, but Collin has a lot of Liam's books memorized, so it's really cute to see him read to Liam.
 Mooler activities...making jack o lantern cookies.... yes, candy corn jack o lanterns. Of the devil those things.
Cupcake the skeleton, Collin named him. He is made out of q-tips. Fun project from Mooler. LOVE pinterest.

Grandpa and Grandma visit

 My parents came to town for the BYU game a weekend in October and we went to Scheel's? Can't remember the name of it, but it's pretty cool for little boys. Like cabela's in a way but different.
 This jeep was a huge hit to climb up in.

 We also went on a little hike up in Mueler Park outside of Bountiful.

 Collin looks so big to me in this picture...
 I really really love this picture of Grandpa and the two boys.

 Collin took this picture of me. If he doesn't break the camera, he is a pretty good photographer.
This is the house I will buy when I have millions of dollars to spend. It was a fun visit thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Fall activities

 One day Mooler had Collin and his friend do leaf rubbings.

 Ryan's pumpkin patch yielded 18 pumpkins this year, a record!
 Pumpkin bowling was another hit for a colder day from mooler.
 The ghosts (toilet paper rolls) survived a rough scathing.



Mooler the Mummy and our graveyard

 Based on an idea from my cousin, I'm doing a simplified version of a countdown to Halloween. Introducing, "Mooler the Mummy". Starting October 1st, he "reveals" something fun like a treat, a fun activity to do, etc. It is a HUGE hit with Collin, which I knew it would be. We actually made it a few days ago, and he has been asking a zillion times a day if Mooler has done anything yet. He may reveal things a couple times a day, but I'm not sure yet. Hopefully I won't regret this....
 Mooler's first reveal was to put up Halloween decorations. Ryan went and got lots of stuff from the dollar store for a graveyard in our front little area.

 Collin loved the glow in the dark rats best, can't you tell?
 Our wonderful neighbors have had an ongoing "help me guy" that they have in their front lawn. Going on 4 years now several times a day we have to go over and see him. He says "help me" in a spooky voice..... but no one wants to help that yucky guy. Geesh, he needs a bath. Seriously, this is a HUGE highlight for the boys.
 Grave yard complete.
 At a yard sale this summer I picked up this cool  techno pumpkin. It changes colors and glows in the dark. Big hit. Proud of my yard sale shopping. We will see if all our stuff survives the O'Berry boys.
We are excited for all the other activities planned for October!

September 2012 happenings

 We have gone on LOTS of nature walks in September. Collin especially loves to find leaves, sticks, dried out bulbs, etc. One day we made a collage of them.

 The sacks are hilariously funny in our house.... Ryan is always asking me why are we keeping these sacks of junk? I say....it's entertainment for an hour.
 Collin picked his pumpkin from our pumpkin patch. He named it snickerdoodle.
 Sister Neighbor (our dear dear neighbor friends) helped us make these fun tye dye shirts one afternoon.... they are a little big, but super fun to wear.
 You can't really see, but big spiders are on the back.
Our first watermelon pick from the garden!

Jump Around

 A few weeks ago we went to Jump Around Utah. I bought discount tickets clear back last summer, but didn't get a chance to go until a couple of weeks ago.
 It's perfect size for my kids....and for quite awhile there were hardly any kids there.

 It has tons of bounce houses and a huge trampoline bounce thing in the middle.

 Plus a super fun climbing wall.
 Collin picked his own socks today, don't you love it?
 Liam's favorite thing was running up and down the trampoline for hours. I swear both my kids ran several miles that day! We are going to go back soon!