Dying the eggs for Easter

We dyed eggs this year. Collin got a HUGE excitement out of it. He loved seeing the eggs turn colors. He especially liked when we colored the "magic" crayon on the eggs.
Liam, he pretty much just wanted to make a mess, so he didn't get to dye too many :)
Not sure why we love putting dyed eggs over our head.
Punching out the little circles is a fun thing to do for 3-year-olds.
Of course, Collin had 2 Cougar blue eggs. He is a true blue boy.

Why I can't cut Liam's hair

It's no secret Liam has crazy hair. Once in a blue moon it stays combed for 5 seconds.
And he looks like a handsome little boy...instead of crazy mad hair scientist.
And these pictures don't do justice, but these litte wispy curls are why I can't bear to cut his hair yet.
Usually it's all ringley and curly in the back. When we comb it it's all flat and curly at the bottom. It doesn't last long, but it's SO cute and tugs at my hairstrings....which is why I put up with crazy hair 99 percent of the time.

Quick March 2012 trip to Idaho

For Christmas, my mom got my sister and my sister-in-law and her and I tickets to Time out for Women in Idaho Falls. It was great fun, but these next pictures are from our stay up there. Liam and Collin love the whack a mole game.
Liam LOVES this chair.
Who knows what this face is for :)
Liam also loves this corner....
And it's crazy hair again!

Free Discovery Museum day

Back last month, Discovery Museum at Gateway had a free day, so we took advantage of it. We have been once before, but Liam wasn't even really mobile, so he had a HEY DAY this time.
This car was a huge hit for Liam. Of course, it was bigger than him.
But it was so fun!
Trying to get both boys to look at the camera I have decided is impossible....
Collin liked playing on the farm.
And of course using some machine to move the food was a big hit.
This water thing seemed to be new to me, or at least the boys wanted to spend MUCH more time there this time.
I really think it's amazing how simple things can be to get kids attention. My kids and water. They are sold.
Collin LOVED the construction site thing last time, and still loved it this time.
Liam loved playing in this little ball thing at the front. He didn't really care about the balls but loved playing and crawling in this little cubby section.
Going outside to the helicopter was awesome, until they made an announcement that was too loud for Collin. Mom! I'm out of here!
It was SO fun!

Leprechaun Trap

Collin and I made a leprechaun trap this year. I figured it would be a hit because Collin is all about pretend....but....
Holy cow was it a hit! The leprechaun we tried to catch every night and didn't, but he would leave us a treat. Collin got SO into this..... seriously. It was one of my greater ideas.... so that will have to become an annual tradition.
This was going on a walk on St. Patrick's Day I guess... Collin must have been mad :)

First warm weather days 2012

Back in March it finally got warm enough to play outside for awhile.
Collin and Liam could LIVE outside, literally, if I let them.
Liam loved playing in our little car.
Both boys loved the swing. Collin is almost too big for the swing, but Liam...he loved to eat the swing.
Yeah for spring!

Crazy hair

Is this not the craziest hair you have seen on a baby?

Home Depot projects

Earlier this year Ryan started taking Collin to the Home Depot Saturday workshops.
It's a fun daddy-son bonding time. This time he got to build a car. And they even had a real race!
Collin loves painting the best.
And he loves the little pins he gets with each project!
Collin is ALL about tools and machines, so he loves "the man store" as we call it.


Random March pictures from 2012

We got another semi big snow storm in March. Collin LOVES to go and help Ryan shovel. He could do it for HOURS....soon enough, he can shovel all the snow himself we keep telling him.
All decked out in the snowsuit.
Again, Liam at the window. I'm too mean of a mom to let him go out in the snow, he watched from the window and had a ball.
It's a joke in our family to have "grandpa" Collin or Liam when we make their pants super pulled up. Here is Liam's version of Grandpa Liam.
The pictures don't do it justice but he looked SO hilarious wandering around. Yeah for March!

Free zoo day

This year we only made it to one of the free zoo days. But it was SO much fun! It was Liam's first time to the zoo if I remember right, and since Collin isn't taking naps as much these days, we stayed there over two hours!
It was a bit chilly, but we just bundled up. The animals were out and about and for about the first hour (we got there right when it opened at 9) we were practically the only ones there.
We got to be up close and personal to so many of the animals. The tigers were especially close and very menacing.
I know....horrible picture, but the tiger had literally just walked by the glass.
Collin and Liam both love animals so it was so fun to go.
The giraffes were a huge hit. They were inside this time, but we got to see the blue tongues, as well as get very close to their heads.
Liam in his cute little monster hat. LOVE this hat.
We got to go and see many of the animals a second time and it warmed up a bit once we got there.
Yea for free zoo days!