Thomas Nelson review The I Believe Bunny

This is the first book I have chosen to review through my association with the Thomas Nelson blogger reviewers. I read it outloud to 11 month old Collin, and I think I enjoyed it more than he did. It is such a sweet story of how a little bunny can save the day. I appreciated the little bunny's "hard" day he had. I sometimes feel very muhc that way myself when I have a rainy day lately! Yet, when Bunny heard the little cry for help, and saw someone in trouble, though he was scared, he knew he had to help.
Bunny then said a llittle prayer to help him. And though saying the prayer didn't solve all his problems in saving the little mouse, it brought people to help him save the mouse. I appreciated the fact that sometimes in my own life, a little prayer itself doesn't solve the problem, but can bring people into my life that helps me solve the problems. I liked that especially in this book how it showed that it's important to pray but also that sometimes we receive help in our answers to prayers from a God that knows we need others to help us.

The rhyming was perfect in this book and my son loved listening to the rhyming. The pictures were sweet, and overall a wonderful story!


Collin's swimming pool

For the Fourth of July, Collin wanted to go swimming. Mom, can I go in my own swimming pool? I just want the whole pool to myself.
I am going to wear my cool new swim shirt Grandma Johnson got me, mom. That way, less sunscreen mom.
Daddy put all the water in my swimming pool. And he blew it up just for Collin. Size is relative with an almost 11 month old. But, the weather warmed up and out we headed.
This pool is the PERFECT size for Collin. He likes it even better than the bathtub, even though it is smaller. He played with his water toys and Ryan and I hung out on the grass next to him.
LOVE swimming mom!
He almost a couple of times made all the water fall out. I saved his swimming pool, though, and all was well.
Thanks for taking me swimming mom and dad! I LOVE this pool!


Night with the Sintays

Ryan's sister was in town on their way to a family reunion so we went over to his other sister's house for the evening to play with them. Collin playing with Auntie Erin and cousin Amelia.
Finally! A girl that is as aggressive as Collin in kissing :) Just kidding Amelia. Collin loves you!
I just loved this picture. It was just sweet to me.
As well as this one. Thanks for playing with us, even if for a couple of hours Sintays!

Cabin trip to Kamas

Collin and I took a couple of days and went and played with cousins at my aunt and uncle's cabin by Kamas. It was a BEAUTIFUL cabin and Collin LOVED playing with his girl cousins. Seriously, he is such a girl lover....I fear for the future. Hanging out in the front room.
Sadee sure loves Collin and I LOVE this picture. He was laughing his head off over something Sadee had said or was doing.
Out on the swing.
The view from the deck.
Collin loved playing with the hula hoop! Thanks for having us everyone!

Playing with cousins

Last week (yes, my posts are out of order) Sadee and Ava came down and we went to a cabin for a few days. But, the night they arrived, we had to go to the "castle" park in West Jordan. I had only seen this park from a distance, but it is out of control. Seriously, best play park I have been to.
Ava on the swings.
Collin was NOT happy he couldn't play in the park with Sadee and Ava. Grandma tried to take him on a stroller ride, but none too happy 'bout it.
Mommy and Collin in the park.
Playing in the tub after the park.
Auntie Kari doing mad scientist hair. He looked crazy :)

Collin's first play date

This last Sunday, I had two mission friends over for dessert. Both I hadn't seen in a long time, as in probably close to two years, which is sad. One now has a little boy that is a couple of months (almost) younger than Collin. We sat out and chatted and ate dessert and the two little boys played on the blanket. They were basically the same size. Ryan and I were anxious to see how Collin would interact with Jamison.
These two boys seriously entertained 5 adults. It was too hilarious. This was such a cute picture of them trying to play with the same thing.
Jamison did NOT like the grass. Every time we put him down, his skin didn't touch it.
Collin definitely showed some "territory" control. It was so funny to see him play with someone younger than him. He definitely showed some aggressiveness.
This picture was too funny. My friend Liz had "puffs" in her hand and she was feeding Jamison, but then of course Collin had to come over for a handful as well.
Collin then proceeded to "steal" the puffs container and play with it. Attempting to teach "sharing" to a 10 month old wasn't working so well.
Here is a picture of the three of us. I tried to find a mission picture but alas, who really wants to be reminded of how different we look? Thanks Holly and Liz and families for coming over to play with us! Hope to see you soon!

Happy fourth of July!

I like to stand up and pull myself up now everyone!