Book sneeze review Princess Charity

This is a sweet story of one of five Princesses named Charity. In getting this book, I was thinking it would show more for little children what Charity means, but this didn’t quite do that. The activities are perfect for the age group of 4-8ish, and there are some reusable stickers that will be fun to use. There are some fun coloring pictures, and in a weird way, the book reminds me of a Disney princess story. In that sense, I was hoping to have more to the “actual story” of the book, but it is more an activity/color book, which is great as well. There is a maze, a find the difference page, and several color pages.

I think this is a sweet book, I was just a little disappointed that the book or story couldn’t have showed Princess Charity doing more “charitable” things so the hands on activities support the name of the princess. That being said, I’m sure my little girl when she is a little older will LOVE the bright colors and resuable stickers in this book. Even my boys would probably enjoy the activities, even though they are targeted toward little girls. Fun book for a rainy day. 


Swimming lessons 2015

 We took swimming lessons from the same woman as last year. I saw SERIOUS progress with both boys this year. I only got to stay for one lesson, but Collin's teacher said he was doing REALLY well several times, and Liam's said he had also come a long way. I know these are a zillion pictures, but Liam on the last day did about a zillion cannon balls off the side, and Collin jumped off the diving board in the deep end by himself and swam to the side several times. SCORE!

 Evelyn found a friend (of course) the last day that I found out was only a week younger than her. Evelyn LOVED her. She talked up a storm to her, but the other girl didn't say much. That's pretty typical of Evelyn's meeting friends. She overtalks :)

Proof Evelyn gets mad and building legos

 I had to share at least a couple of pictures that proves Evelyn does not ALWAYS want her picture taken.

 Ummm. yeah. I am upset!
 We just discovered the free lego mini builds at the Lego Store a couple weeks ago. Ryan met us there after work and even with a bunch of random chaoticness in the mall, it was a really fun cool experience for both boys, even though Liam is too young to get to build his own thing. We hope to do it again lots in the future!

Random grandma pics

 Collin taking Evelyn on a walk

 Can you see two little boys?
 Evelyn playing trains
 Sleeping in the tent in the basement.
 Love this cute pic!