Collin's 4th birthday part 5

 The afternoon of his birthday for special "snack" time, we had a mommy/son date to Baskin Robbins so Collin could choose his own free scoop of ice cream.

 Guess what he chose out of all 31 flavors? Wild n'Reckless Sherbet. That is so fitting :)

 Collin requested an excavator cake this year and I must say it didn't disappoint. I searched for quite awhile online to help find a pattern, but Ryan made all of the cake.
 He did a great job!
 Collin liked all of the candy on it most.
 Then that evening we opened the presents from extended family. The light up Batman yo-yo was a big hit Auntie Kari!

Collin, we are so glad you are in our family and hope you had a party hearty day with lots of treats for your 4th birthday, just like you wanted!

Collin's 4th birthday part 3

 Liam loved the wagon ride SO much at Thanksgiving Point.
 And we loved seeing the horses pull our wagon.
 Collin and Dylan playing in jail. Dylan's birthday is 2 days after Collin, but he turns five this year, not four.
 Liam loved dancing on the steps in the dance hall.

 He had some good moves!
 Checking out the goats.
 This animal's hair reminded me of Liam's hair :) Ryan and I both commented, "His hair looks like Liam's!"
We'll have to go back soon!

Collin's 4th birthday part 2

 Since it was $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point, and Collin's birthday was on a Tuesday, we decided to go for part of his birthday. Collin's good friend Dylan came and they had a BALL!
 Liam loved the animals as well.
 Waiting for the pony ride.... there was quite a line.

 Finally we get to get on the horse!

 Dylan's grandma T brought little juices and popcorn for a snack. Man, Collin was in heaven!
 They had a little room for a discovery farm thing, that my kids could probably have stayed in the entire time.
 Liam LOVED climbing in the tunnels and also climbing on the tires.

 Riding on the wagon.
This was such a sweet smile on Liam..... LOVE this picture of him.

Collin's 4th birthday part 1

 Collin sitting with his presents. He got to open one randomly throughout the day. I thought it would get to spread out the excitement.

 The first one he chose was the fire truck. Man, that was a good gift.

 So good I'm almost regretting giving it :) That's usually a sign it's a good gift. Liam loved/loves it as well.

Now they have a BIG fire engine!

Surprise birthday visit

 My parents surprised Collin and drove down Saturday morning to help celebrate Collin's birthday and we had a very busy day.
 We went down to Cabela's....little boy heaven. Liam loved these can't-remember-the-name animals.
 Collin loved the fish.
 Liam also loved playing around on this bench.

 We went to Coldstone and Collin got to choose his free ice cream..... cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears.
It was a fun Saturday!

Norberg reunion

 The first weekend in April is the Norberg Family Reunion. It's at a park in Lehi, and my kids had SO much fun playing on the slides.
 Liam thought he could spent eternity climbing up this slide and it is the first "big" slide he has gone down himself. He looked so big it made me a little sad.....

 His face coming down the slide was priceless....like, this is the best thing in my LIFE mom!

 I had to take a picture of the slide to show all that Liam could climb up and go down.
 Collin found some girl (figures) to play with him and they chased each other around...

 Collin in his full glory running from a girl....
Liam in his full glory leaving the slide. Fun times!