Liam's first day at church

Today was the first day our family of four ventured to church...at 9am. I was feeling quite brave. Everyone did great.... Liam slept most of the time.... and Collin made it all the way through sacrament meeting.
Afterwards, Liam was being so happy and smiley (yes, we have had the first real smiles the last couple of days!) that I just left him in the car seat and tried to catch it in action....alas, no. But think of this as one of those cartoon books in flipping the pages.... since they are all very similar.
Not quite mom
I'm getting ready to smile
Nope, you missed it again.
Maybe I can try one more time.
But he really was being SOOO cute....he is getting so big already!

Collin's first tie

Today in getting ready for church, Collin wanted to wear a tie like Daddy. Granted, I wasn't thinking we would wear a tie this early in life, but here we are... Collin's first tie. Granted, the smile is SUPER cheesy, but still :)

Bounce house...part 2

Yesterday, Collin's cousin had a year old party, and there was a bounce house. Granted, Collin had a bounce house part 1 experience when he was much smaller, so that was mostly just sitting house. It took him awhile to get "warmed up" to the idea, but once he did...
he was loving it, even though he was still one of the smallest kiddos there.
Of course, I tried to get a cute picture, but he couldn't sit still long enough for that :)

Liam's nightgown :)

Collin had these little "baby nightgowns" that he never got to year, but I finally got one on Liam the other night. He looks like he is not enjoying them too much, but his mommy sure enjoyed them changing his diaper in the middle of the night.
And since he has started to lose his hair, I just call him the weird crazy scientist :)

Tummy time with Collin

So, not that these are all pics of tummy time....but here are some cute pics of Liam with Ryan. Liam sleeping.
Collin LOVES to do tummy time with Liam. We call it Liam's exercises.... Collin gets in his face, but it's still fun.
He has even done the airplane a few times. YEAH!


Few days old Liam

So, I do have some more recent pics of Liam, but haven't gotten around to downloading them yet.

The pic below I was trying to duplicate a picture we had of Collin.. it looks a bit different since Liam is wearing different clothes, but the face is the same. He looks a bit zoned out and jaundicy in these pictures, but granted, they were like when he was 3 days old or something. He looks more non-jaundicy now....and he is 2 weeks old.
The good news for today is that we have stayed in the same outfit since this morning. I may be speaking too soon, but YEAH!