Misc silly April pictures

 Evelyn starts headbanging.

 Liam becomes Punjab from Annie. I'm keeping this for posterity :)

 Yep. Let him go outside like this. Evelyn was screaming at the time.
 And at Evelyn's dr appointment, we had Optimus. 2.5 years later the costume is still going strong.
 Liam took a selfie.
 Evelyn hanging out on the bathroom floor.
Headbanging again.

Spring Break trip to zoo

 We didn't do much over spring break, the boys just wanted to play with friends. We did go to the zoo one morning and I wore Evelyn in the baby bjorn. It was a bit chilly that day as you can see from the coats :)

And the highlight was a grizzly bear fight! That was awesome! Hopefully once school is done we can get back to going to the zoo once a week.


Daddy's Easter egg hunt

 Easter was very low key for us this year as far as Easter treats and things. Look at how chubby this makes Evelyn look :) Love it.

 parts of our cousins went to general conference so the boys would always look for them when they sang and showed the audience.
 Ryan did a little Easter egg hunt for them on Easter morning. Low key. It was actually very nice.

 Love this picture!

Watching for cousins again.

Easter hunt/Walker post for April 2015

 The Walkers came to visit us from Montana over Easter/Conference weekend, so we went over to the Barnhisels and played and played and played. Huge Easter hunt.

 Evelyn was too little for the hunt, but the boys brought a tiny basket for her to share eggs with.

 She will learn soon enough.
 Easter Sunday we did fun stuff too.

 Lots of jumping on the trampoline over this weekend and playing dodgeball.

 Collin hunted with the bigger kids.

Pictures with Great Grandma Norberg. It was such a fun weekend!