Father/Son campout 2013

 I can only relate what has been told to me since obviously I didn't go :). Collin had been SOOO excited for this weekend for SO long. We got a tent from Ryan's sister for Christmas so he was SUPER excited to have our own tent.

 And even more excited to sleep in it!

 The CAMPFIRE! Ryan actually had Collin call me during this time which was so fun. It was VERY quiet at home without Collin there. Really quiet.

 The rope swing.

What a fun time!

The park and the temple

 Another day we went to a fun school park to play on. Collin actually got Ava to play zoo animals with him. He was in HEAVEN!
 Here are the monkeys "hanging around" as Collin says.

 Liam, no-fear boy, loved to climb up and down this rock thing.
 After we went to the temple and the library. We ate lunch out at a church parking lot near the temple. Again, the girls played zoo animals and Sadee was the zoo keeper. Collin was IN HEAVEN!
 Touching the temple. I love this picture.
 Liam didn't quite touch like the other kiddos.
 And the boys are off.

Cleaning up garbage

 One of the "new" things the kiddos got into was picking up the garbage from the empty lots on either side of my parents' house.
 They brought this little wagon to fill up with garbage and it actually kept them entertained for quite some time.

 It was pretty hilarious as each day they went out to do the "garbage".  What clean lots. I was amazed at the garbage they found each day!

Bear World

 One day on our trip we went to Bear World. Everyone was ecstatic. The kids especially to ride THE RIDES!
 The baby bears really were SO cute.
 Showing the big grizzly bear skin.
 Petting the "deer's bum!" Liam laughs.
 The big mouse.
 The rides. I can't tell you how awesome it was that Collin liked more rides this year.
 I can't tell you how awesome it is that the ride operators just followed these 4 kids around and they got to ride ride after ride after ride.
 Liam was OBSESSED with riding the train, until he discovered the roller coaster.
 Still waiting for the train.

 These bumpy jeeps were pretty fun, especially once the roller coaster was too wet (it rained while we were there) so at one point they rode on it 6 times in a row.

 Seeing a baby bear get a bottle.

The roller coaster Liam LOVED. He kept saying "again. faster, faster". Thanks Grandma. Bear World was a HUGE hit!


Reed's Dairy visit

 One day we went to visit Reed's Dairy to see them milk the cows. First, Sadee helped Liam work on puzzles. He LOVES puzzles.

 Just thought this was a cute picture walking with grandma.
 Waiting for the cows. We got the wrong time so we had to play around for awhile and go to a park to play then come back later to see the actual milking.
 The baby cows.

 This was so fun for little boys who love animals.
 The baby pigs.
 We got to eat some real Reed's Dairy ice cream. Holy huckleberry....that's the kind I got....and it was the favorite of everyone.
 The boys both cleaned up their bowls. What can I say? We love ice cream.
 The park we went to before we went to see the cows milked. Liam loved he could climb and get this slide down all by himself.

Finally the cows are getting milked. Hard to see in this picture, but the udders were BIG as Collin said.