A new post...kind of....finally!

I admit.... I have been a lame blogger for 4 months. Life got the best of me, our camera died, we couldn't figure out how to get pictures to post, and then....well, you get the picture. Life is still getting the best of me blogging, but I still have goals to try and do something once a week so friends/family can see our family, which basically means our two little boys.
The above picture of Liam was when he was almnost 6 months old in our pumpkin patch. He has to wear a helmet to help the flat spot on his head. More about him in a future post.
Collin turned three a few weeks ago.....and so did his attitude. I say that with some joking, but some not. I'm open to inspiration on how to get 3-year-olds to sleep through the night and listen...at all :) But honestly, he is such a cute fun little boy. He starts preschool in a few weeks, whoa....I feel old.
I know this is a lame post, but just wanted (since I mostly do this blog as my journal now) let you know how things are going at the O'Berry household.


Thomas Nelson Review-Finding Purpose Beyond our Pain

It took me a little while to get into this book, but overall I very much enjoyed it. The book starts with the premise of pain not being an enemy, but a help in our growth. I appreciated the specific "pains" divided into the chapters of injustice, rejection, loneliness, loss, discipline, failure and death. My favorite part/chapter of the book was a personal training plan, chapter 20. I am a runner (though not very fast) and I appreciated how our faith can become like a training run. I liked the crowd of witnesses idea and carrying only the bare essentials.
The second half of the book I enjoyed more than the first, although the last couple of chapters were a bit too much on the "Jesus saves" blast for me. I do agree that in our lives pain can be a champion for our growth if we allow it to be. I also agree that when we turn our lives over to Christ, then we can overcome any challenge and receive help for our challenges. I especially enjoyed the specific stories and experiences the authors included in the book. These experiences made the "meat" of the book more real for me to believe.
Overall, I thought this was a good book and would recommend it to others.