Slacker Am I

So.... it's been awhile since I have been able to post. Apparently, my computer at work things blogs are not able to be viewed, and since we don't have the Internet at home, I can't use my lunch hours anymore to post or read people's blogs.... so alas, I'm a slacker. I just tried to play catch up on everyone, and I MISS YOU! I miss all your cute stories and fun pictures, and hearing about all the events in your life from around the country. I promise to be better... I'll try to schedule a "weekly" blog visit time to the library.

Until then, know I'm missing you and posting my own blogs as well :)


The Piano is Here!

Saturday morning at 9am, our new black upright Kawai (not sure if right spelling) piano arrived, with thanks to Ryan and I saving up, my grandma from heaven and my parents helping us with the financing :) bless their souls. The good news is that it only took them 10 minutes to get it inside our house, which is a miracle for our house.

Side view
Front view, minus the bench :)

Side view with bench

Ryan had to do a little rearranging of our living room furniture to make sure everything fit. I definitely think it looks more cozy.

My first "playing" of the piano. I am so excited to have it in our house! And even though over the weekend, I wasn't able to play as much as I wanted to, that will be CHANGING!