The pumpkins are arriving

Every year since we have lived in our house, we have planted a pumpkin patch. Ryan is very good about growing them and watching over them, and now so does Collin. He LOVES to go out with the "pumpkin stick" and count the pumpkins (he can count to three now) and study them, and tell us which ones are orange. Though are pumpkins are smaller this year, we picked the first one and named him Gorbert and put him in Collin's room. He LOVES it!
I also am going to try and cook something with one of the pumpkins later this fall....


These brownies I got off the utah deal diva blog....can I just say I thought they were going to be of the devil, and they were? Random post, I know.

Canning, reading, pottying :)

So, apparently, I have totally decided to stop blogging for awhile....no, it's just with my free hour during nap time, I choose to do other things, but am finally doing a post.... This is Collin trying to look Harry Potter like. Yes, our family is Harry fans.... so good thing Collin was deciding to be one too.
At the park a month or so ago wearing matching shirts.
Hey, who knew I could can green beans from our garden? Hopefully these babies will taste good sometime in the bleak mid-winter.And yes, canned salsa wtih stuff from our garden as well. This salsa is so YUMMY and the woman in our ward who helped me can WHIP out 7 quarts in under 2 hours. She is superwoman.
And Collin now reads a zillion books a day....or wants to be read a zillion books a day. I don't mind. Every week I get the max from the library (30) and you would think this would take 3 weeks to read through? Nope, I have to hold him off to make the list go longer than a couple of days.
Usually he will say "mommy, read" but sometimes he will read on his own and it is really, really cute to me. Yeah for books!
Another thing Collin has discovered with new vigor....
the potty. And yes, for some reason the picture wouldn't turn, and no we aren't quite ready (well, I'm not) for potty training, and yes his legs still don't have any rolls, but yes, he loves the potty.
And I haven't scanned the pictures, but for those who haven't heard, Collin is going to have a baby brother in January! YEAH!