My birthday

I had SUCH a great birthday, my 32nd. I took the day of work and it was heaven. Bless Ryan's heart, we had such a fun day. The day started out with Ryan making me breakfast, then I got to watch some of what I call "drama man" (otherwise known as CSI Miami--which I seriously only watch because of the red head main character and make fun of him). We were going to go to the zoo, but it was a bit nippy for Collin and I so we went to one of my favorite places, Gardner Village. I had a coupon (surprise, surprise) for a buy one get one free entree, so we had lunch and I got to eat for free...
And then as a total surprise, they brought out my "birthday cake" this DIVINE chocolate cake with chocolate sauce that was DIVINE...and FREE! Note to self, go to the resturant at Gardner Village again for my birthday. We also got to have a free sample of fudge. YUM!
We came home and Ryan gave me a WONDERFUL foot massage (he puts those people that massage your feet to give you pedicures to SHAME) and then I organized our "hygiene" cupboard from all the good deals I have been getting. I know, pathetic thing to do on your birthday, but I wanted to. Then I had another coupon basically for buy one get one free at Mimi's Cafe, so I ate dinner for FREE!
Ryan got to eat what he nicknamed, the smallest steak in the world, but then THEY brought me out a FREE dessert chocolate mousse pie that was DIVINE! FREE DESSERT! It almost felt like I was on another cruise.....
I did let Collin try a bit of whipped cream and chocolate mousse. Evidence on his face :)
Thanks for a wonderful birthday Ryan and Collin! I LOVE YOU!

Playing with cousins

Collin had some cousins in town this week... he LOVED playing with them.... thanks guys!

A spoonful of peas

This week I have seen a BIT of progress with Collin graduating to non-nursing food.... this was a night for peas.
I kind of like to play with the food more than eat it mom.
I MUST hold the spoon myself mom. I MUST MUST MUST! (I have since discovered that if I have Collin hold his own spoon I can sneak in bites. I am such a sly mom.)
Thanks for trying to feed me mom. I promise to eat better soon!


Thomas Nelson review-The Noticer

I have never read any of Andy Andrews’ books before. I LOVED this book! I read quite a few books, but this book was simple and hit me right to the core.
Jones introduces himself saying he is a noticer. He says, “I notice things that people overlook. And you know, most of them are in plain sight.” He goes on throughout the whole book with words of wisdom to everyone he encounters.
Jones was someone I felt like could be my true friend. I loved how he just randomly showed up in a person’s life, but had been “watching people” for some time. I loved that no matter the stage in that person’s life, he helped them, not be “telling” them but “showing” them who he or she could be. I especially loved Jones’ theme about how sometimes in life all we need is perspective.
I also liked the chapter where Jones speaks to the married couple, in Chapter 2, about the dialects we can show to our spouses in marriage (or in any other relationship). I had read something similar in another book, but once again realized how important it is to communicate with people in the dialect that person speaks.
At the end of the book, I especially loved the “eulogy” that everyone in town gives to Jones. It appears he has touched so many lives just by something so simple. This book also made me realize just, once again, how big of an impact one person can have on a life. It made me want to become a noticer just like Jones. I appreciate so much the opportunity to read this book and this is a book I would rate 5 stars, and read over and over again. There aren’t too many books like that on my bookshelf!


My little fisherman

Grandma Johnson got Collin this cute little hat for him to wear once the weather warmed up. Now that it has, he can wear it. Now I can call him my little fisherman!
Happy Spring!

1/2 Marathon

This last weekend my sister participated in the Salt Lake City half marathon, the same race I did three years ago...however, my sister ROCKED the race! She ran the entire half marathon in under an hour and a half, and was the 11th woman to cross the finish line! GO KARI!Just watching the runners really made me emotional and want to really start into running again. Hopefully that can happen again. The whole having a baby thing put me out for awhile, but I'm ready to start again!
Thanks for letting me see you cross the finish line, Kar!


Happy Easter

How random that the one picture I just whip up the camera and I look silly, but Collin gives his BEST smile ever? Seriously... So we tried to repeat that smile with Daddy taking the picture...
And it was a no go! Oh well...happy Easter everyone. Doesn't Collin look like he is ready for August and the Masters (golf)?

Gymboree music class

When Collin was born, my doctor gave him a free month's worth of a class at the local Gymboree. They have a TON of fun classes, and our free month was expiring soon so we signed up for the music class, since he seems to love music. I take an extra hour and 15 minutes and meet Ryan there and last week was our first class.
It is such a fun little place. The first thing they gave us was these little shakers. Of course, Collin only wanted to eat it. What else is new?
Every once in awhile Collin would take the little shaker out of his mouth to shake it, but usually he wanted to eat it.
There were three other little kids in the class, and Collin was the youngest. This little girl Collin loved to stare at....and so it begins.
Collin got to play his first bongo drum, shake his first maraccas and we learned about rhythm with these sticks.
This was my most favorite picture. He finally got excited about the rhythm for a little bit.
At the end of this class they blowed little bubbles around to music. We are looking forward to the next class!


Collin's newest activity

Lately, Collin has found a new hobby...can you guess from this first picture what it is... Mom, I know you think these socks are so cute on me...
But, I just LOVE to pull my socks and pull and pull....
See, mom? I'm so strong and feel so successful when I can pull my socks off all on my own :)
I promise I won't put this sock in my mouth though. You always pull them out of my mouth.

I'm ready for church, Mom!

Sadee's photography

Sadee took these, not too bad wouldn't you say?

Swimming is hyrotherapy

When we were up in Idaho last weekend, I took Collin for his first swimming lesson :) Okay, does he NOT look like a handsome surfer man in his board short swim trunks? Okay, they come to his ankles but still :)
Before getting in the water, he was SO excited.... afterwards, well, you can see the above picture, it took a little while to like swimming.
Finally, 20 minutes later, we can almost get him to give a "staredown" at the camera, in the water. I only had to walk around with him singing "Follow the prophet" to let him know the pool was a safe place. We must work on swimming more. Grandpa Johnson keeps saying I need to "deshelter" him.
The gang. I do take comfort in remembering that Sadee (that's her in purple bug eyes) REFUSED to get in the pool (and even showers for awhile) when she was little and now she LOVES to jump in. Ava same way. In fact, I was the "cool" person they both wanted to show how they could jump in the water.
"Alisa, my bottom touched the bottom of the pool!" (Sadee)
"My whole head goes under the water Alisa" (Ava said this when I caught her before her whole head went under...oops, how was I to know?)
Bug eyes
More bug eyes. However, afterwards, Collin fell asleep on the drive home, and slept for over 2 hours. Everyone was nicknaming swimming "hydrotherapy". Thanks guys! Hope to swim with you soon!

Kindred Spirits

Who says girls can't play with boys? When Collin and I were up in Idaho visiting, he LOVED Sadee and Ava and they LOVED him. Thanks guys! Sadee tried so hard to get Collin to smile...
Notice Ava is all "modely" in her pose.
Play with me Sadee :)
Okay mom, I'm done.