Library Meet a Knight Day

 I so adore the library. I really, really do. I love the summer programs and all programs they put on for kids and adults. We recently went to meet a Knight day. We also got to see a special girl knight, but I can't remember what they are called now.

 Liam was the only one that wanted to see and touch the actual armor. It was HEAVY!

 And tall. This was a leg piece.

Another trip to the zoo

 We rode bikes to lunch at the park one day. Even Liam...but it was very hot and tiring riding back :)
 Went to the zoo during the day with our friend Ann. And we got to see the bird show.


Fathers Day visit to Temple Square

 The afternoon of Fathers Day after church we went to Temple Square. It was a hot one. Liam wanted to tour the top of the conference center again so we went there.

 Taking a break for a snack.

 The boys LOVED these Book of Mormon videos.

 Liam looking inside the Salt lake temple.

 Look! We are all looking at the camera!

 Evelyn LOVED the Christus statue. She liked looking at Jesus' face.

June fun

 Evelyn starts attempting "real" food. So far she has tried avocado, watermelon, banana bread, bananas, blueberries, and canteloupe.
 Collin took an art class this month, so Liam stayed home and a couple of times we did "mommy art" class.
 We met up with some friends at Wheeler Farm.
 In the treehouse at Wheeler Farm
 Evelyn liked the horses.
 We broke out the swimming pools since it has been 100 basically every day for a week.
 This little pool I have had since Collin was first born. It is the PERFECT size for little baby swimming pools. She LOVED it.

This picture is funny. Both kids are in!