Discovering new parks

 One of my goals this summer is to discover new parks. We found a new one relatively close to us. No one was there ha ha. Probably cause it was a little toasty. Even though it was only 85 degrees the slides were still too hot :(

 Then someone had to go to the bathroom so we had to come home since no bathrooms at this park :(
 So we played in the sandbox instead with our friend Theodore.
 Another fun dance performing group at the library. These guys did all these fun things with hoops and fire sticks and poi. It was really cool.

Zoo night in June

 These pictures are out of order, but last night was our first one we got to have everybody in our family go. It was super fun. Adeline loved the splash pad.

 The volcano was working!

 The biggest hit of the night for me was seeing Evelyn go down this slide all by herself. Climbing the rocks. And it is pretty fast and she has always been scared to go down it. It was so rewarding.

 Adeline and her bark. And these colored tiles she tried to eat :)

 Gross motor therapy! Look at that stretching. She climbed up this little rock wall several times and went down this other big slide she has never been brave enough to go down either. Her new therapist this week said we need to work on building confidence. Pretty sure this did it tonight. She was so excited to be able to do all these things by herself.

 It was really good to see her right side having to push up and stretch at weird angles.

 Adeline climbing up her own version of therapy ha ha.

 Another whole family picture!
 I brought little mini ice cream sandwiches since it was 95 degrees. They were a hit.
 Adeline got a few bites.
 We randomly saw our cousins there. Evelyn LOVES Kambria. LOVES her.

 Saw the tiger and red pandas. The boys have been wanting to see the red pandas forever so this was very exciting.

Cub country 2018

 These are some of the pictures Ryan took up at cub country this past week. Collin had a great time.

 Some of the theme was viking. Some of the theme was construction junction.

May/early June pictures from Ryan's phone

 Always a big day when we get the manure. SCOOP the poo!

 Adeline plays the piano.

 Ryan took the boys on a special zoo night.
 How close is this lion?

 They splurged and got dippin dots. That was a big hit.

 Adeline getting curious.

 Discovering the front porch.

 Piggy back rides.