Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson Review Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook

I really enjoy reading cookbooks. Normally I base a review of a cookbook on how many recipes I would like to make or make and they taste awesome. This book is based on two ladies who start a Third Thursday potluck cooking group with people from all walks of life. Having participating in a monthly cooking group at random times through my life, I found this endearing. Each month has a different theme and some musings at the beginning of that month’s recipes.
This being said, some of the recipes are intimidating for a stay-at-home mom cook of small children. However, there are quite a few recipes I would like to try, especially those that involve using items from home-grown gardens. I love the idea of everything is potluck style and fits with different times of the year, since I find myself often cooking based on moods and feelings of different times of the year.

Another thing I love with cookbooks is if each recipe includes a picture. Not every recipe includes a picture with it, which doesn’t totally matter, just helps please the palette of a cookbook. Since I don’t use alcohol, several of the recipes I will probably never make, but overall, the theme and endearment of this cookbook makes it worth taking a look at. 


More June 2014 pictures

 Another zoo night, this time we remembered to bring swim suits so it didn't matter if we got soaked.

 Ryan helped the boys build a little hideout in the backyard. It's pretty exciting. I'm not all sure what they do back there, but it is a big deal.

 We made fairy houses one day. I had to include the above picture of Collin because the summer of 5 years old I will forever remember his blue snow boots and the green footie pajamas. They will forever live on. They made these intricate little fairy houses in our front yard. They were cute.

 Here was t he garage and I can't remember all what else. The fence was to keep out bad guys.
One thing I love about the boys is they seriously have an imagination to compete with no one. Seriously. They must have got that from Ryan. I don't think I have one anymore :)

WHeeler Farm

 We went to Wheeler Farm about a month ago with some friends. It was really fun.
 Here all the ducks were swimming around.
 The turkeys were quite large.

 The horses were closer this time.
 Riding on the tractor (or pretending to) is always a huge thing.
And of course trying out the old pottys. Don't you love the snow boots? They have finally bit the dust, but they were well loved.

Father/Son campout 2014

 So the boys have been SO SO SO (get the picture) excited for the Father/Son campout ever since last summer. Collin had a countdown going for forever. This was going to be Liam's first time, so he was also ecstatic.
 Since I wasn't there, I can't say all that went on, other than Ryan's phone pictures, which included playing lots in our tent.
 This is the best picture of Collin ever. Seriously.
 One of Collin's friends called for a boy pile.
 We made sure to bring stuff for smores. The marshmallows was a big hit.

 There was some awesome hideout somewhere in the camp of course.
Waiting for breakfast.

June 2014 first half pictures

 Hanging out on our new little camp chairs.
 We finally got a bench for the backyard "relaxing" area. It is nice.
 We sure love the clematis when it is in full bloom.
 For Fathers Day Sunday, we went down to Temple Square. It was fun. Love the matching shoes Collin.

 Liam loves his tall socks. Not sure what the expression is from.
This is our hair styled like a rooster I think he said?

Random May 2014 pictures

 A true Liam smile which never happens.
 Liam liking his sunglasses
 The first semi-warm day in May we got out a mini pool and then the kids got cold so they had to sunbathe.
First zoo night of the summer they loved playing in the splash pad. We have learned we now wear swimming suits to zoo nights :)

Bear World 2014

 The last couple of springs, we have gone up to Bear World when the baby bears are there. You get to see lots of other wildlife and there are kiddie rides that my kids love.

 The adults just sat and chatted and the kids rode rides for a very, very long time. There are hardly ever any lines there, so it's like your own personal amusement park.

 Collin had been wanting to ride this ride the whole time (the one above). He was so nervous but eventually he got courage and did it. Then he didn't want to stop.
 Liam liked the roller coaster best.

Except when he got to be the train conductor for daddy. He LOVED that.


Book Review Outcasts Thomas Nelson review/Booksneeze

I was intrigued by the premise of the book Outcasts. I admit science-fiction/futuristic books are not really my choice of books, but this one showed some promise. I guess in requesting it, I didn’t realize it was a series, so I hadn’t read the first one. This posed somewhat problematic for the first third of the book, because I wasn’t familiar with “the world” or the terminology used. After the first third, I had somewhat caught on to most of what had happened in previous books, but it was still challenging when they referred to previous incidents.

Overall, the book was just okay for me. Maybe since this category of genre isn’t my normal choice, that made it longer and more drawn out for me. The only character I really identified with was Shaylinn in her choices that had been taken away from her through higher powers. I enjoyed the escape near the end, but several of the story plot lines were confusing to me. This may be because it is in a series and I hadn’t read the first, and probably won’t read additional. I did find the technology and weapons and lifestyle to be quite interesting though. It took quite awhile for me to read the book, which usually means it’s a struggle for me. Can’t rate this one super high. 


Ogden Dinosaur Museum

 Recently, we went with some friends for a day up at the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden. The boys were so excited, because even though we have seen "fossil" museums, we have NOT seen dinosaurs "with the skin on them". It was really, really cool.
 They gave you these little books that you could pretend to be paleontologists as you walked around to find all the different dinosaurs.
 This one had dinosaur eggs by it. Liam did not like his picture taken apparently.
 It was a cooler day, so the weather was perfect, and you could eat food walking around....SCORE for us!
 They also had a huge dinosaur playground that you could play on dinosaurs. We discovered this near the end of the outdoor walk. The boys loved it.

 Sliding down a dinosaur is pretty cool.

 It was a really fun day. You could also dig for fossils, and they had a whole section inside with more dinosaurs, and a REAL t-rex that moved. We didn't find that out until right before we were leaving and it was Collin's favorite part. It was a robotic t-rex.
 For little boys that love dinosaurs, this was really a cool place. And NO one was hardly there when we went. I LOVE going to stuff in the off season.