Some fun April fun

 We have been so sad that the Taylorsville Library will be closed until the end of April for remodeling. We miss it! Especially storytime so one day I opted for no nap for Adeline in the morning and took Evelyn to the West Valley location. It was really fun. Adeline liked playing with the balls.
 Hey random therapy session at storytime? YES!
 Randomly Evelyn did this one day. It made me smile :)
 Putting babies to bed.
 Fancy church hair. I am still trying to improve at Evelyn's hair. She still doesn't sit still for long. And her hair is still semi-fine, so to get it to stay in for more than an hour or two is still challenging. But she was so proud of this.

 Loving asparagus.

Egg hunting and the rest of Spring Break 2018

 One morning Liam taught Adeline this trick.
 Looking for eggs around the house.

 Adeline just sat and loved her little Easter basket and hauling around eggs. Egg wanderer this day.

 Hiding eggs in the backyard,
 The boys had been wanting to go to the zoo forever, so we did that the Monday of Spring Break.
 The lions were all eating these massive meat bones. It was so cool!

 Must be peacock season since the last couple of times we have gone they look like this :)
 And after a long winter, the playground was open again. This was exciting!

 Adeline's favorite part is the seals.

 The last day of Spring Break we went to a bounce house place. Adeline was a little too little with so many big kids out there, but once she woke up from a car seat nap she loved watching!
 Snack time.
 The best part was that Evelyn was finally big enough to do most of the stuff herself. I will have to take her again just her. She really loved it.

It felt like we did a ZILLION things over Spring break since we did something fairly huge every day. I got tired!

Vernal spring break continued

 Of course the swimming pool was A HUGE HIT. It was a little on the chilly side and the hot tub was a tad on the hot side, but the kids had so much fun. They didn't want to leave of course.

 We popped popcorn and watched a movie in our room. And we got Little Caesar's pizza earlier that night. The boys said it was the best night ever.
 The boys, of course, even though we went to bed much later, still got up at six, so I took them down to eat breakfast at like 610 and then we went swimming. It was a busy morning ha ha.

 We got to the quarry. Adeline just wanted to walk around.

 Standing in front of dinosaur bones.
 I think I may start calling her the wanderer.

 Becoming junior rangers.

 Waiting for big kids and dad on the hike.

 Can you spot Liam? Seriously, that kid is going to climb Mt. Everest some day. Seriously, he climbs everywhere he can.