Lagoon time

 Some of our Walker and Barnhisel cousins went to Lagoon the last day of June. I decided Collin and Liam would have a MUCH better time with just Ryan if I stayed home with Evelyn and Adeline. Sam got to come over too and so we had our own little party. And I was right. Collin and Liam got to be with big kids and go on all the big rides.


 Getting a special treat from Auntie Kathleen! She won best aunt that day!

 Before they rode Wicked I think. And Liam even got to ride Cannibal. The big ride :)and he thought that they were all awesome.

Smore party and Taylorsville Dayzz parade and hanging out Ryan phone pics

 The cousins came down for a day and we went to Cowabunga Bay for the afternoon and then had a smore party. It was fun.
 Me running to the Taylorsville Dayzz parade pushing Adeline in the stroller and carrying Evelyn. No easy feat. Luckily it's really close!
 Because who doesn't need a ton of candy in June?

 Adeline was pretty good but she got out a little bit but she got mad at my lots since I didn't let her run out into the street after all the big kids.

 Adeline going down one of the cowbunga bay slides.

 Hanging out on the deck.

 Hanging out on the stump

 Hanging out downstairs.
 Hanging out at the Taylorsville Rec Center pool. Collin jumped off the low and high dive several times!

Hanging out at church.


Swimming lessons for 2018

 We LOVE where we do swimming lessons. It's in a backyard and the pool is amazing. Collin especially really progressed this year. After a week of swimming lessons he went off the low and high dives at the rec center pool by our house.

 The last couple of days Liam was able to jump off the diving board. They LOVED the diving board.

 Evelyn went down the slide all by herself. She made GREAT progress as well. She LOVES putting her head under water and blowing bubbles and can jump off the side and go all the way under with no problem. Even though it was time intensive for a couple of weeks, GREAT progress this year.

 I tried to take videos and a zillion pictures the day I stayed to watch. It was great to see them progressing so much.