2017 Pumpkin Smash

 O'Berry family pumpkin smash. I think these pictures say it all.

Official Halloween festivities

 We went to Ryan's work to trick-or-treat. Best thing ever minus traffic getting there. They walk around the cubicles and get loads of candy.
 Evelyn was a "purple princess". She wanted to be a ghost duck, but I had no idea what she meant by that, so I encouraged her to wear something she already had ha ha.
 She was SO SO SO excited to get LOTS AND LOTS of candy!

 I wore Adeline in the carrier and she helped hand out candy. She was the cutest little black cat you ever saw. And she LOVED passing out candy until she got too tired around 715 :) and went to bed.

Pre-Halloween fun

 Ryan took the boys to the Vista trunk or treat. They had fun. Collin was dressed in a different costume for every Halloween event he went to. It made me laugh.

 Adeline trying to eat her little carved pumpkin.

 Carving pumpkins.

 I find this totally ironic that Evelyn wanted a scary face for hers. That girl is scared of EVERYTHING!
 I think our whole family will forever remember Ryan's costume this year. He made this robot from scratch. It's the bleep bloop 2000. He won the contest at work. Of course! I told him, who else is going to get that creative?

Ryan's phone October (mostly) pictures

 Here are some better pictures Ryan took of a few shots in the Bean Museum.

 Picking Ryan's giant pumpkin.

 Collin's pumpkins he grew.

 Hanging out at church, biggest and littlest.

 Ryan's Adeline shrine.

 Liam had the October kid date with Ryan. They went to a Taylorsville High School football game. He had fun.
 Oh, and we had to break out the high chair. Oh I hate the high chair stage. But, she looks cute in it.

Scripture reading.