Week of Thanksgiving

 Evelyn somewhat started liking tummy time.
 We played our favorite games at Jungle Jim's.

 We started growing red hair back.
 We wore big bows.
 And we hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our house for Ryan's grandma and aunt. It was very nice.
 Grandma Norberg made the boys hats.
 We did the man store.
 We made holiday cookies.
 We got a three kiddo picture.

 We started decorating the tree upstairs.

 I'm not sure they ate as much as I was planning on, but the best thing about hosting is you have lots of leftovers!

Scales and Tales

 Near our house there is a small reptile type place called Scales and Tales. We went there on a rainy Saturday in November. It was pretty fun. They had huge tortoises
 and several very large snakes
 and cool legged things

 and a small alligator

 and huge lizards

 I actually held a snake. I'm not sure we got a picture, and it wasn't this large, but it was still very large and a snake. I'm somewhat proud I was brave enough. No boys did.


Evelyn's almost 3 month photo shoot

 The Walkers sent Evelyn this adorable outfit so we did her "almost three month" pictures at home on our bed. It's kind of ridiculous how many "photo shoots" she does :)

She is so sweet. LOVE this girl.

November 2014 randomness

 Evelyn got a new addition to her room thanks to her Auntie Shanna. She LOVES looking at her twisty balls. I so need to learn to make these.
 Sweet smile.

 Crazy hair day.
 Evelyn rolls as a knight.
 I did give the boys a haircut in November apparently! Now I know when it was.....mid-Novemberish.
 Pretty good haircuts.

 Liam learned how to climb trees very high. I blame Auntie Kari.
 We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point with the padres.

 Collin was really good at this jumping thing.

 Liam put these all around the house the glitter things in preparation for Christmas he told me.