Highlights Sept #2

 Finally let Collin play fall soccer. He LOVED it. He was better and faster at running than scoring, but he improved lots over the fall season. He loved wearing cleats and his soccer uniform and wanted to wear it all the time.

 Evelyn discovered her tongue.

 So this is a sweet story. Ever since Collin I have had this picture frame. I have one of Evelyn when she was only a couple days old and every night or every time we read books Evelyn wants to kiss and say bye to "baby Evelyn". It's sweet.

 Evelyn helps with laundry.

Liam puts on makeup. It's hard to see but it was quite intense. And he painted his face with markers too.

Highlights post of Sept #1

 Evelyn finally decides she may like "real" food....
 Started picking the fall crop of raspberries from our raspberry patch. Evelyn can pound these.
 Got all Cougared up sometimes.

 Evelyn decides she is tired of photo shoots.
 We had pet grasshoppers several times in September. Gross if you ask me, but the boys LOVED it.
 Played lots of Legos.
 Liam (and Collin too) decide climbing door frames is cool.
 Picture is to the side, but Evelyn hauls her baby jars all out.

 The most exciting moment of September is that Evelyn learned to crawl! This was very, very exciting, especially because with her therapies we had been working on it FOREVER.
 Homework with R2D2.

 Playing at library this is what Evelyn does.
 Magic Treehouse book club.
Liam got a prize for being a good sibling :) at the treehouse book club.


New schedule for fall

 This was Liam's first day of preschool.He came home so excited to show and tell me all he learned about fishes. And the fishing pole he made. It brings back so many memories of when Collin went to Miss Karen's so I am so happy Liam gets to go there too.

 Liam was also telling Evelyn about school so "she would know when she grows up mom".

 And we have lots of pets recently. Here is pet iguana that has made a resurgence. I think it's funny when old things have a new "resurgence" in play. We have also played TONS in the sand box lately.

 In front of the door of preschool.
 My yummy Brigham City peaches. Serious canning going on the past month. In a couple weeks more serious canning from the apple tree.

 Evelyn loves the library. She loves to pull out books. I can't WAIT to start taking her to storytime. She I think will love it even more then the boys did.
Evelyn wants to ALWAYS have her own book of mormon for family scripture study. It's cute.

Outside and building at Lego store

 This was just a cute picture of Evelyn outside. When she is outside you can see her eyes just POP! Love those blue eyes.
 We recently discovered you can do these free mini lego build creations at the Lego store once a month. The boys have just been into legos the last year or so so it is super fun to go. Liam is too little to officially build, but he watches.

 Evelyn builds with duplos.

 They had these cool new helicopter lego things that both boys loved. They had a display of them to play.

Evelyn turns one

 Evelyn's birthday was kept low key and simple. Kind of like her, for the most part :) Since both boys had school, we didn't do much during the day, but she did get some fun food (for her veggies and fruits are her favorite, like blackberries, zucchini, eggplant, and peaches) for breakfast and lunch.

 I made her a zucchini banana cake since she loves both of those foods.

 She ADORED the pink sparkly wrapping paper Liam picked out for her. She got SO excited every time a present came down. Her brothers helped her open them. Her gifts were simple and designed to help her with her therapy exercises.

 She especially loves this push giraffe that spins balls around.

 She was a dainty cake eater, mostly a few bites of frosting. She's not a huge sugar girl, but she LOVES ice cream and pumpkin pie (which we had for Ryan's birthday the day after her birthday) so maybe next time we will just have ice cream for her birthday :)
 We love you Evelyn!