Ritas, Ogden temple, spoken word, ice cream

 We tried out Rita's ice with the cousins. Super fun.
 We went and played laser tag and rode rides and did arcade games at All-Star Lanes.
 Went to the Ogden Temple open house. Collin was not wanting pics taken.
 Grandma and I took Sadee and Ava to the spoken word Sunday morning.
 After the temple, we went to go eat and had to run to a bank to run into a bathroom. You can't tell, but a rainstorm came and we were literally soaked. Like, soaked.
One night took the girls to Leatherby's for the huge giant split. They couldn't believe how big it was!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

 When Sadee and Ava came down, my mom took us to Thanksgiving Point on her grandparents pass and so we went to the new Museum of Natural Curiosity. It was a big hit. Especially the little kid town area.

 Dress ups? Um yeah, big hit of course.

 Magic shop was great too.

 WE had a picnic outside.
 Climbing the ropes course got a little scary for Collin, but he was brave.

 Then we went to the kids' garden and played in the water.
 We didn't bring suits, so the boys just took their shirts off which was so cool and got soaked.

Really fun place to play! Thanks Grandma!


Dinosaur bones and cousin visit

 We went and learned about dinosaur and crocodile fossils at the library.

 This was a t-rex tooth. ouch!
 Our neighbors across the street got a freezer, so the delivery men gave us the big box. We had friends over and my what you can do with a big box.

 Sadee and Ava came the end of July for several days and man did we party. We went to Jungle Jim's and Sadee and Collin finally got over the fear of the roller coaster.
A costume walk apparently? This picture makes me laugh so hard.

Random fun and Discovery museum again

 Collin, as I have mentioned before, lives in costume. Here he is at one of my dr checkups. Yep, and you can't see, but he is wearing Spiderman slippers.
 One afternoon I took the boys to Arctic Circle for ice cream. I was an awesome mom that day.
 For most of the summer, we went to Discovery Museum once a week. We had bought a summer pass, and most days we tried to go when there was hardly anyone there, which we loved!

 The Bob the Builder portion just there for the summer was a huge hit.

 Collin grew to love this electricity spot on the upper floor.

July trip to Idaho

 Since I was pregnant and couldn't travel in August like we normally do, we spent a few days in Idaho in July. Here is our tea party.
 Looking back on these pictures (now September as I'm writing) makes me smile. For several days we had a snow cone, candy, bracelet, lemonade, game stand. We didn't make much money, but then one day several workers came by.
 SCORE! Everyone made $2.00!

 Liam just caused mischief like this face says.
 Attempting to battle for Risk.


Book review Jonah and the Great Big Fish-Booksneeze

Both my kids have always loved the story of Jonah and the big fish, which is why I chose this book. They were already familiar with the story, but this book was a fun read for them. I’m not sure all the pictures fit in with what we believe or what they imagine, but we especially loved the rhyming of the words. The pictures, which is very important for me in a picture book, are especially vivid and fun to look at.
There are some “clever” little animals that my kids pointed out, like the cat with the bandana who is stealing eggs, and the dog who is doing silly things. Overall, this book was fun because of the alliteration and pictures put together. It was fun as a reader because some of the words were in a font that made it look like the words were “whipped” or “splashing and crashing”, that I’m not sure non-readers would notice unless they were reading, but I thought that was fun. The big fish pictures were, of course, a favorite for my kids and they liked seeing all the other things in the big fish’s tummy.

In summary, overall a cute story for littles that like Jonah. 


Lizards at the library

 I LOVE the Taylorsville Library. They always are so nice and they have great programs for kiddos in the summer. One Wednesday morning they had a woman come that had tons of lizards and snakes and small animal/reptiles so of course we had to go.
 This guy (not sure if you can tell in this picture) had a huge boa around his neck. Whoa.
 Collin of course had to come partially in costume. That's just how he rolls.

Collin plays t-ball

 I finally decided I could do some kind of sport for Collin this year. But, I did NOT want a long commitment or something expensive until I decided if Collin would like it. Taylorsville Rec just had a month long t-ball team that was for the month of July, so perfect for what we needed. Collin was VERY excited to play.
 It was quite funny to watch. Collin's age group went from age 3 to 5, so he was definitely one of the bigger kids, but the games were mostly just to start learning the game.

 Sometimes Collin would get distracted, or need to come in for a drink of water while playing out on the field. By the end of the month, he was a much better hitter. He was definitely the fastest runner on his team.

 There were DEFINITELY some hot games since they were played at 530 or 630. Can you see a tomato in Collin's face? Yep, Tippets blood again.
 He was SO excited to get snacks after each game.
 Liam was a pretty good watcher and he often got a snack too because the mommies were nice and brought extras.
 It was really fun to go and watch and just have a low key introduction to baseball. Good job Collin!