A few more April pictures

 Wet bath hair, so adorable. Ryan combed it all back in one ponytail :)
 This cherry dress I LOVE!!!!! It was actually very warm on this day, warm enough I broke out the sandals. Evelyn had a tricky time walking in fancy shoes :)
 But look at that smile! Those pigtails!

 Those glasses!
 We played in the park for a morning. Evelyn LOVED the flowers.
 Liam loved the big pile of dirt and secret passageway.

 Collin before giving his leadership speech on the second habit in front of the whole school. Good job Collin!
 Mean game of battleship going on. Liam is really good.
 Prayer time before church. Cinderalla dress time again :)
 This was the funniest picture ever. Liam wore just his coat helmet to ride the new "big bike" so he looked like a bmxer.
Evelyn sitting in her little chair reading while I cook dinner. She says "i sit" all the time now.

The cinderella dress and first soccer game

 I have had this dress for Evelyn for more than a year, just waiting until she could fit into it. It's totally impractical, but so gorgeous and so beautiful on her with her red-blonde hair and super blue eyes. She did NOT want her picture taken in it.
 Evelyn now wants to walk to church. I pull all our stuff in the stroller behind everyone :)
 A new hiding spot.
 Liam drew Jesus Christ in sidewalk chalk.
 Lawnmower therapy exercises.
 Collin started reading Harry Potter this month, and eating snacks while reading.
 First soccer game of the season. Check out my awesome action shot!

Evelyn screams loud to cheer, just like her mom :)

Some April pictures

 We ended up getting the spring pictures of Collin in first grade. I didn't even know they were doing it, but the smile was awesome, crinkly eye and everything :)
 Evelyn found a new thing to do at the library, take out the magazines.
 Check out the third ponytail on the big girl playing legos!
 Zoo trip on a warm spring day.

 Bike riding
 The boys and a friend dug a hole, and then Evelyn wanted to sit inside it.

 Someone woke up too early and fell asleep on a morning walk. Evelyn had a rough couple of weeks with no naps and terrible night sleeping in April. Phew that is over!
 Watching birds
 Another fun daily project, dumping and sorting all the kid dishes drawer.

Liam went to kindergarten orientation. He is SO ready to go and very excited. He fit right in. Wanting to color his hippo very meticulously.


Easter 2016

 Don't mind us taking a zillion photos in an attempt to get one decent picture of all kids looking and smiling at the camera.
 Evelyn and her crazy hair hunting for a few tiny eggs.

 Oh this may be kind of okay.

 Here was the best one.

 Classic pic above, Collin pulling a silly face, Evelyn doing the "scrunchy" face, and Liam smiling off at someone who knows where.

 Evelyn was done with pictures.

 Collin's eyes are very versatile!