End of January/most of February fun!

 Went to our cousins house for Sunday dinner.

 Everyone helping me make dinner.
 One of Adeline's favorite hiding spots behind the piano.
 New favorite activity.
 Evelyn's first valentine exchange at preschool. Look at what I got mom!
 Up in Idaho for Presidents Day weekend, big kiddos and I went with cousins to see The Greatest Showman. It was great.

 The boys used money to buy their own treats. Of course they thought that was awesome.
 Another big snowstorm! Building a "skeleton" run. Can you tell we watched lots of Olympics in February?

 Adeline started walking. Yep. 10 months old. Earliest walker yet.
 We got to have an indoor picnic with hot dogs. I'm a nice mom sometimes.
 Girls zoo trip.

 I loved this picture because their arms are the same position.

Adeline liked the meer kats and bat eared foxes. They were just her size.

First zoo trip of the New Year for cat and cocoa day

 Adeline is determined to get through barriers.

 The polar bears were swimming TONS when we visited. It was super fun to watch them.

 The hot chocolate was yummy! But very, very hot!

 Adeline loved watching the seals swim of course.

 The peacock feathers!


Liam's birthday and it finally snows!

 Liam wanted to go to Classic Fun Center for his birthday. So I was crazy and took the three kids. Ryan was planning on coming but ended up getting sick so he stayed home. Luckily it wasn't super busy right after school. Evelyn had a tricky time on a lot of the things (designed for bigger kids), but she still remembers having a blast.

 Fun therapy at work. this was super hard for her to climb up but she was very determined.

 And the day of/night of Liam's birthday serious snowstorm going on. Finally! Kids got to play in the snow.