Adeline shrine and misc. other pictures from Sept

 Most mornings if the weather cooperates, Ryan takes the big kids on a morning ride and they are looking at Snail City. It's quite exciting to see.
 Reading books to Adeline on the bed. Adeline adores books already.

 Tummy time with Liam :)
 Shout out for Cougars.
 Cool moon.
 More Cougar poses.

 Adeline is starting to sit up on her own. She thinks she is so cool.

 Hello pretty baby. I have a picture of Evelyn wearing this same dress in the mothers lounge at church. They look a little different because Adeline kept making faces at me. And blowing raspberries. Her new favorite thing. And pulling Evelyn and I's hair.

Evelyn's first day of preschool and gymnastics with Liam

 She was SO excited to go to preschool. She has been wanting to school for almost 2 years. It will be SO SO SO good for her. Now we have to do hair three times a week :) AH!

 Evelyn wanted a big ponytail for school. Sorry, we took a zillion front door pictures :)

 Evelyn got to start gymnastics in September at the rec center where Liam does it. She thought she was so cool :)

The girls party

 So since the boys have started school and the weather was still warm in August, Evelyn, Adeline and I took a couple fun day trips since we didn't have to be back for kindergarten this year. YEAH! We went to Thanksgiving Point with our friends Ann and Theodore. That was fun.

 Evelyn especially loved the chickens. Her preschool teacher has chickens at her house so every time of preschool Evelyn can bring "chicken food". She loves that.

 The two best buddies. Theodore lives across the street and we love him.
 Adeline hanging out in the carrier. She appears to like it so far. I think she just loves being out of the car seat.

 We also went on a girls' trip to the zoo.
 The baby monkey was being so silly!

 One Sunday night near the end of August or early September the boys made a huge campout side in the back yard for us to eat our hamburgers in. We didn't like the flies and bees, but it was quite the setup!

Evelyn turns three!

 Evelyn turned three on August 26. Ryan got her a fancy pink trike. She loved it. It will be fun for her to learn how to ride it and also a therapy good toy. Ryan and I always tend to feel bad we give everything in hopes of it helping her with therapy :)

 Eating her ice cream sundae. She doesn't really love cake, but LOVES ice cream so we decided on sundaes. I made these chocolate chip cookie bowls to put them in, but they weren't a big hit.