Rest of December pictures

 We went to Idaho for a couple of days after Christmas. This was a gift from Kurt and Barbara. She LOVES it.

 The nerf guns were a big hit.
 As was the hoverboard.
 We went to the movie The Star. It was cute.
 Laughing babies.
 Tired babies.
 Cruising around.

 Kid date for December was Evelyn for Ryan. She chose McDonald's again for fries and ice cream and the slides. She loves that for a date apparently.

Christmas Day

 For the first time in our married lives, we weren't able to go up to Idaho for Christmas Eve/Day. It made things different, but still nice. Here is the token wait to go see what presents/Santa brought picture.

 Even though it's blurry I think you get the idea of how excited Collin was for the Death Star Final Duel lego set.

 Santa brought a massive stuffed bear for all the kiddos.

 Allory got Adeline this super cute dog that goes around playing music. It's a big hit. Even with big kiddos! :)

 We opened stockings downstairs.

The kiddos made quite the haul. It was a fun Christmas!


Christmas Eve 2017

 The Elves brought everyone a present after our drive.
 We made peppermint cookies for Santa. And Collin and Liam wrote a cute note. The carrots are for the reindeer.
 Pizza and creamy white Christmas punch for dinner.

 Opening the elves presents.

 Having fancy chocolate peppermint cake before bed.