Random end of April pictures

 Silly Adeline videos.
 Hanging around before church.
 gross motor therapy time.

 Zoo day.
 Attempt at french braiding.
 Saying hi on the tether ball pole walk.
 Looking like a toddler.
 Playing peek a boo.

 Dr visit climbing.
 Outdoor fun
 Going to Theodore's waffle party for his birthday.
Happy birthday me.

Liam's playing flag football

 So this spring Liam decided he wanted to play football. Even though he is definitely on the smaller side of his team, he is actually really good. He has scored a few touchdowns and had TONS of fun. I'm not sure if we will end up being a football family with him, but it's fun to watch.

 Here is Liam teaching Evelyn to play football at Collin's soccer game.

 Not sure if this video will show, but Liam scored a touchdown right by where we were sitting!
Evelyn's new favorite grandpa friend at the games. He is SO nice to her.


Adeline's first birthday

 Hanging out birthday morning

 Hug from big brother.
  Being sneaky in big sister's room

 Opening some presents with help.

 By the time it was cake time, somewhat overstimulated day. I guess that's what happens when you have three older siblings that TOTALLY get what birthdays mean and how big of a day they are :)

 She liked her cake, but then she was totally done. Done with everything. Done with her birthday.