2 week pictures

So, here are pictures of 2 week old Collin in his favorite places, the swing and bouncer. At his 2 week checkup, he weighed 7.5 pounds and 21.25 inches long. He is now finally in the 25th percentile for his weight and 75th for height. Go little Collin! We sure love you! I have a really cute video once I figure out how to post those.


I'm a week old

So, this post is a little late, and little Collin is actually now a week and a half old. I thought I would post some updated pictures. In Collin's first week, his Grandma Johnson was down to help his mommy learn how to be a mom, but he makes it pretty easy. The first night he didn't sleep but since then he has been pretty good. In fact, last night he went to sleep at 1020, woke up at 120 and then mommy went to wake him up at 5 to eat before she went to the gym. I love this picture of him because it shows his big eyes.
This is the "classic" Collin face. He was four days old when this was taken.

Ryan and I took a new family picture this last Sunday so we could update our family picture. I actually look half decent, and not like a scary mommy. Collin probably didn't even recognize me with my hair actually done :)

Collin getting his own picture.

Mommy and Collin at home.

My embilical cord stump fell off this week! I was so excited to show everyone and take a picture. His belly button looks huge compared to his tummy but I'm sure he will grow into it.
Other than that, in his first week of life, Collin DOES NOT like having his clothes changed, loves his car seat, and pees through his clothes a lot, minus last night, which was the first night mommy didn't have to change his clothes. YEAH!


Collin's weight

I knew I would forget something in posting Collin's birth...he weighed 6 pounds 8 oz... I was SURE he was going to weight at least 7 pounds in there since I almost got to 41 weeks, but apparently, he wanted to stay on the small end.

Last night he was a perfect baby and now we are going on errands. I love being a mommy!


Collin Ryan O'Berry is here!

So...here is the brief story of the arrival of Collin. On Wednesday night, August 6th, my parents and sister had come down to help me. I had been scheduled to be induced at the LDS Hospital on Thursday morning at 7, but apparently Collin finally got the message his mommy really didn't want to be induced. So....when my family and Ryan and I went to eat at Applebees, the "real" contractions started. I finally told Ryan, I think I'm having real contractions and he started timing them... and for about an hour I had them about every 5 minutes....so finally my dad and Ryan thought I had better go to the hospital...the new one :)
We did and this first picture of me is getting monitored for the first hour.
It took about 3 hours before I got the epidural and it was not going so well, and then it felt very nice, as you can see by my face.
So..needless to say, after 10 hours of labor, including 2 hours of pushing little Collin Ryan O'Berry arrived at 635 am on Thursday, August 7th. I totally was emotional at his birth and just amazed that my body was able to deliver him okay without an epidural. He was 21 inches long, and looks a lot like his daddy.
Here is me in the middle of the night feeding and playing with mommy. He likes to play during the nighttime.

This was a classic face of when Collin was born...and he still gives it tons. I call it the Ryan look.

Me holding little Collin soon after he was born.

I just got my eye drops.
Here I am going home from the hospital.

Crying my eyes out.

We call this one Mr. Froggy.

Sleeping at home.



It's almost time!

Great news. I just got a call from LDS Hospital (where I will probably have to be induced since apparently all our "coaxing" Superbaby here doesn't seem to be working!) and if all goes well, I’m the first in line to be induced early Thursday morning….. I believe Valynn may just be winning the prize (since I think if I remember right she was the only person to guess August 7th!!...that is, unless I go into the 72 hour labor phase...HA HA HA

Plus, I did find out this hospital lets me drink water and eat a yogurt before I come in... WAHOO! I'm going for my "last supper" tonight, but hopefully in the next day or so I will be a mommy!

Final thoughts as a non-mommy

So, today is hopefully my last day as a non-mommy. I have been wanting to just post some thoughts of things I have been thinking about the last few days, especially since little Superbaby hasn't come yet.

1. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to become a mommy. It's something I believe women are meant to be, and not everyone, at least in the timeframe they want, has that opportunity. I am so glad that a loving Father in Heaven sees fit that now is the time for me to become one.
2. Though I haven't minded being pregnant, and I have been SO lucky compared to many other women I know, I am ready to not be pregnant for awhile. I look forward to laying on my stomach again, I look forward to not having to visit the restroom every hour, I look forward to being able to start running again.
3. I am getting SO excited to see little Superbaby in person. I feel like Ryan and I already know and love him, but I just can't even imagine how it feels to see your first baby at first glance. Though I'm a bit nervous for the labor of "getting him here" part, I'm so excited to actually see what he looks like, it's hard not to focus on anything else.
4. Last of all, I'm grateful that so many people are so excited for this little one to arrive. For the last month, so many people I know have asked me about him, given wonderful gifts for him, talked to him (through my tummy), asked me how I am doing, just really showed love and support, especially our family members. I am so grateful for you all!

This will hopefully be my last post before Superbaby's official arrival, and that post may take a few days to get here, but I promise to post pictures!