Okay, I'm not sure WHAT is with not putting the pictures the right way. But hey, I think spring may finally be coming around the corner. This last week, Collin and I have spent a LOT of time outside. This last weekend, we got to try out sandals. And luckily, Collin's hat from last year, still fits his big head :) Daddy and Collin putting food in the bird feeder.
Collin REALLY likes helping do this and loves looking for birds.
Going on a walk... we go about a million times a day. He still is okay going in the stroller sometimes, but mostly he just wants to walk now. We go down to "the circle" about every day. The circle is just the end of our street cul-de-sac, and visit with our friends the McAllisters.... we love them.
Yeah for FINALLY being able to wear t-shirts. It is LONG overdue!

Last couple weeks couponing

Okay, I have slacked in posting my deals for my own benefit. This was last week's Rite Aid trip. The below picture cost me 2.25, and included diapers and fabric softener. YEAH! Smiths this week had a good deal on oatmeal, which my mom can use lots of, and Collin sometimes likes. We got 15 boxes for basically 7.00, about 40 cents a box. The coupons I don't think are valid anymore, but it was great. The peanut butter my sister-in-law bought coupons on ebay, so I got 12 jars for about 80 cents a jar, plus a free movie ticket! YEAH!
My food from the co-op this last week I will list below.
1 canteloupe/melon
1 pack grape tomatoes
1 blackberries
9 bananas
1 pineapple
11 apples
1 broccoli
2 of 1lb carrots
1 pack mushrooms
1 Romaine lettuce
1 Swiss chard
15 large red potatoes
Now granted, the potatoes weren't WAHOO for me (hello, I'm from Idaho and can get free potatoes from my brother-in-law), but again, overall, great deals on produce. If anyone is interested in the details of where it is, my sister-in-law Shanna (shannasteals.blogspot.com) just did a post about how to order it.
And this morning at Rite Aid, I got the 2 packs of diapers and tampons with coupons and after rebates, a grand total of 3.00 and that includes 1.13 of tax.... so basically 1.00 for a pack of diapers. WAHOO!
Again, I love Rite Aid :) They also have a new wellness card you can have, that basically accrues points. I just accrued my first points this morning.

Sunday morning

Recently, Sunday morning found Collin in his new church shirt, yes, much too big, but it matches his eyes EXACTLY and we all know his eyes are killer, so we hung out in his room. He likes to stand up and jiggle the crib lately.
He also likes to see the viewfinder in the camera....
Of course, for some reason, the cutest picture would NOT change layouts.... but here is Collin in his little spike.


Fun times

Still catching up from the week. Here is Collin ready to go swimming. All the time when we were in Idaho, he would go find his swimming suit and say "pool". He does the same thing now, minus the swimsuit, only because it is in a drawer he can't reach rather than a suitcase on the floor.
Playing at Sadee and Ava's house. Collin LOVED to be pushed around in the little mini van.
And boy did he think he was cool sitting up at the bar with Sadee and Ava.

Co-op from April 3rd

Here is what I got last week from the co-op. Again, all for $15.00.

1 package of strawberries
7 bananas
1 package blackberries
8 oranges
7 apples
1 pineapple

5 Roma tomatoes
1 onion
6 yams
4 yellow squash
1 broccoli (and it was BIG)
1 Romaine lettuce head
9 corn on the cob

WAHOO for the co-op! We have been enjoying the food all week!


Easter egg hunt

In Idaho Falls, it was FREEZING outside, so they moved the Easter egg hunt Saturday morning inside. We barely found out about it in time, so here is Collin and I inside the fire station. We just watched the bigger kids hunt, I wasn't about to have Collin running around in the little kid area just eating chocolate. HA HA.
Ava waiting to get candy
The onslaught begins. Sadee just stayed in one little spot and got a LOOT!
I mean, this was easier than Halloween. Stay in one spot, 10 minutes later, a HUGE truckload of candy. Man, I wish I was 6 again...
And this was GOOD stuff. Skittles and Snickers. My favorite.
Sadee was pumped.
Ava was also excited in her sweet way.
Collin just wanted to get on the fire truck....so we did after the hunt was over.
Collin liked the fire truck best. He kept saying "truck!" with real enthusiasm.
We also got to meet Sparky, the fire dog. And Sadee and Ava shared their chocolate.

Easter eggs and basket

So, the Easter basket brought an early gift to Sadee and Ava. This basket (really, we don't know who this Easter bunny is) was OUT OF CONTROL. The picture doesn't do it justice. Opening the basket was like 2 girls' dream...
Dying eggs we did at least twice. Collin was more content to sit in the back. Sadee and Ava really got into it.
Several of the eggs "had injuries" like back surgery, brain surgery, one eye, etc.
But, I said those eggs we can still dye. It was hilarious all the things they were making up to solve the egg crack problems.
Collin eating yogurt. Not really caring about eggs.
Sadee with her favorite egg.
"Brain surgery" egg with Ava.
Yeah for dyed eggs!

Dancing and Easter cupcakes

So, while in Idaho Judge Shwana made an appearance at dancing. And so did Collin. He really had some good moves, it was funny. Then one afternoon, in my creative spell, I made cupcakes (which really looked more like muffins) for the first time I can remember. Ava helped me start them since Sadee was taking a nap, but then they wanted to frost them pink.
Trying to control 2 girls who REALLY like treats, was too funny. Some of the cupcakes had frosting. Some had sprinkles. All tasted YUMMY!
Ava eating a cupcake. We gave one to Collin, but he, ironically, hardly ate anything.
I just love these two girls!

A big house to explore

Last week, Collin and I went to Idaho to help babysit Sadee and Ava. My parents have a nice wonderful big house that Collin was LOVING exploring. For a little while he stayed in the main room...
But not for long. He LOVED the bedroom of grandma and grandpa. And emptying our suitcase about 10 times an hour.
There is a hallway he LOVES to run down. Can you get the picture that Collin loves having a spacious house to explore?
He also found a grocery cart. I found this too funny because he comes with me to the grocery store. He was even trying to load up food.
Thanks for letting us play in your house Grandma and Grandpa!


Weird toys

Okay so Collin's new favorite toy is... the sun protector for my car. You know, the thing that you put up in your car to block out sun while you park it? Yes, my friends, he played with that for almost 20 minutes today...enough for me to get dinner somewhat organized. It makes me wonder what any other person's kids out there like to play with? I could use some new ideas.... and hey, if I can find items around my house, awesome.

The other thing that he was obsessed with today? One of the "sticks" (from our catalpa tree) and poking it in the heater vent. Now, I'm not so sure the heater vent thing is a good idea (which we are working on) but playing with the catalpa sticks? Oh you go Collin, we have those aplenty!