Superbaby updates

Okay, I know tons of you want to see pictures of my tummy...alas, I don't really have one....still. I know it seems silly, but I so badly want to look pregnant I have started wearing maternity shirts anyways...even though I SO don't even need them. Finally at work yesterday, one woman told me I have finally started showing. HOORAY! I know so many people have told me, "Oh, you are so lucky you aren't showing yet" and I say....whatever, I want to look pregnant! It's taken me a long time to get there!

I have been able to feel Superbaby move so much more lately, FINALLY I recognize baby movement (yes, I'm slow), so it has been so fun to have Ryan and I put our hands on my little tummy that is not even really a little tummy yet and feel him. Although, at my last doctor's appointment, she tried to teach me about pre-term labor, and I got a little concerned, since I barely have even started recognizing the baby moving.... but she said no worries. I have only gained 7 pounds, which apparently is lower than normal, but she said I'm fine.

And since I don't really have the ability to post pictures at this time, I promise the next post will have a tummy picture on it, as well as all of our spring flowers. I planted a bunch of tulips and crocuses last year and they are all coming out. YEAH!

Other than that, not much else is going on.